Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Happy Days and FREE SAL Update

Lots and lots going on!

Firstly, a new Fergus design.  Fergus wanted to come out and play so I thought he had better be amused or he tends to get into all sorts of trouble.  The story that goes with it can be found on Holmsey's facebook page.

Secondly....Holmsey needleminders!  Honestly!  I will have these in stock in a couple of weeks...I love them.  Holmsey is very proud of them too!

And finally...we're having a free SAL over on Holmsey's page!  I don't think you have to be on fb to access it but if you do, let me know and I will start it over here in blogland as well. OK; thank you ladies who let me know fb is not being nice.  If you're on fb you do have to apply to join Holmsey's page and I then let you in.  If your not on fb and you would like to stitch one of these, we will have a bloggy SAL!  Just comment Pink or Green and email me at and I will send you the chart!

There is the choice of two free charts!  Simple but cute, I hope you think.


These charts are only available to members of the SAL, as I may put them for sale later on. They are free but still covered by my copyright and distribution rights. Please help me to keep Holmsey safe from any potential poachers out there.

By all means share your stitching on your blogs or even point people over to join in the fun. I don't mind who stitches it but they must access the charts as members of this SAL.

And please, only download him if your going to stitch him He hates being shoved into cupboards or drawers. He isn't a bunny. He dislikes dark, enclosed spaces! He likes the open where he can feel the sunshine and enjoy his freedom and fresh dandelion leaves.

I love to see your stitching so please send me updates!

 Right, must dash. I've spent the last three days sorting threads and orders and I've promised myself a little time for stitching!

Have a wonderful day and watch out for those April Fools!


  1. They're all such adorable designs! How do I order them? I'd like to join in the SAL, but I'm not on Facebook.

  2. What cute needleminders and I really like Fergus' new design. I would like to participate in the SAL, but it says I have to log in to FB (not a member).

    Robin in Virginia

  3. Thanks again! I'd like to stitch the pink one, please.

  4. Blessings to you this Eastertime, I hope you get your restful stitching time as well as the work stuff.
    {hugs} x

  5. Please tell us the needleminders aren't an April Fool?!

  6. Great designs! I love these animals.


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