Friday, February 6, 2015

Fun Friday

Yay! T'is the weekend!

Thank has been quite a hard week and I'm looking forwards to having two days off!

I've started crocheting squares for my daughter's baby, to make into a blanket but doing up the website has taken a lot of time.  Nearly there though thankfully.

All the fabric I have is up on the site now .....and guess what will be added next week?

Want a clue?

Yup; I will be stocking Joydri hand dyed threads...and very nice they are too!
I'll be putting them in sets and selling them with a free chart.
Here is the Moth and Butterfly set which has been packed.

Thread colours are;
Atlas Moth
Chinese Moon Moth
Madagascar Sunset Moth Butterfly
Green Birdwing Butterfly
Blue Morpho Butterfly
Millonia Paradise Moth
Emperor Moth
Purple Emperor
Peacock Butterfly
Swallowtail Butterfly

I sell at the same price as Joydyri but offer them in sets and with a free chart, and of course, if you're in Ireland, the postage is reduce and quicker!

This is the little free chart I did to go with the butterfly set.

I think I may even stitch this one myself!

Oh a design level, I've had another new release; part two in the Charles Dickens Series, Bleak House.

I'll show you both together and you let me know what you think. I hope you like them.

I know, my photograph skills haven't improved at all !

Oh, I nearly forgot.  Anyone can join in with the websites RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) and of course you can sign up for the newletter: the more the merrier and I will make sure something nice goes into the newsletter as well.  You don't have to have been following my blog for long.  They really are open to anyone!  I've moved the RAK form so if you put your mouse over 'About Me' it appears like magic in  a dropdown box.

And on one more note, how about a giveaway.  Would you like a chart of either 'A Word in Earnest' or the new Valentines chart?  Just say 'yes please' in the comments section and I wil do the draw next Friday.

Right, well that is me done. I'm determined to have the weekend off so no work and hopefully lots of crochet or stitching or whatever I fancy!

Have a great weekend everyone xx


  1. lots of lots of pretty colours there......

  2. Yes, please! I would love a chance at the Dicken's chart. Thanks!

  3. Enjoy your weekend, I think you've earned some quality crafting time.

  4. Yes please! That Joydri thread is absolutely stunning!!! I've never had the pleasure of stitching with hand dyed thread, but I would kill to start with those! I can't wait to see them all up on your site.
    Enjoy your weekend! :-)

  5. Hand dyed threads they all look lovely I have not used these yet. Sounds like you need a rest after all that planning.
    I would love the chance of winning your giveaway please (a word in earnest)thanks again.

  6. Yes please. I love the Dicken's chart. I love Jodyri threads, i have lots of pretty ones.

  7. Yes please!

    I just love the Valentine chart :)


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