Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Yay!!! A Very Special (to me) Ezine is now out


Thank you all so much for the lovely comments and email.  Things are going well but oh my, the workload..especially with  me building a new website..not really creative and no pretty colours ;-(

But never mind..will I get on with the boring stuff, I can share the news that the new Ezine is now out and available from my etsy shop.

This is a very special edition of the New Age Cross Stitch Ezine Issue 4 featuring my 'Wouldst Thou Be Mine' chart along with Colour Cascades, Tilton Crafts and Heaven and Earth Designs charts and more! As well as the charts there are special discount vouchers for all our websites! A bargan at E 4.32! (4.99 dollars)
Just click here to buy it!


  1. By ek lass thas getting famous. Fantastic!! Gorgeous design too you have in there.

  2. woohoo .... fabulous. Well done you.

  3. Well done!!! All your hard work is being rewarded :)

  4. yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    well done to you x


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