Tuesday, January 20, 2015

So Much to Share

Ok, I can't hold it all in anymore.

Firstly, I need a time machine so I can go back in time and tell a 14 year old, flat chested me that my boobs will make it to a newpaper centrefold....remember, when I was growing up Samantha Fox was all the rage and boobs were everything to teenage girls at the time!

Well this is my Sam Fox moment...kind of haha.  Not how I'd hoped at the time, but well, one will take what one can get!

Now, the main news is that Stitchers Anon Cross Stitch Designs is doing so well we are moving to a new website provider. So it means a lot of work on the IT side but it should result in a website which is easier to navigate and keep organised!  Oooooo I have lots of  plans for the future (yes, after three years I can now see ahead for the first time).  As part of this expansion I will now be not only a DMC retailer but I will also be the only person in Ireland to stock Jodyri Hand Dyed Threads 

 I'll be selling them at the same price as Jodyri but what it means is that people in the euro zone and USA can pay in euros, avoiding bank charges (yes, we have to pay for personal banking over here) and take advantage of the low Irish postal rates...don't they look lovely?  I can't wait for the first batch to arrive..yummy, pretty colours. What more can a girl ask for?

I have other plans but want to be sure to be sure before I share them...

What else..oh yes, I have a new design!

Wouldst Thou Be Mine is featuring in a special cross stitch ezine along with designers like HAED, Tilton Crafts etc, and for a very low price you not only own the magazine and all our designs but our discount codes as well!  Yay!  I was very surprised to be asked, very flattered.

For those of you who like paper charts, this is available from www.stitchersanon.com under the Sampler section of the shop.

This was stitched using Crescent Colours, Gentle Art and tww DMC colours so you get a lovely muted, Victorian look.  I'm very pleased with this one, especially as normally I'm not a fan of Valentine's day.  I think this is pretty enough to be shown all year round!

And yes, if you look at the bottom you can see a certain hare cross-stitch bombed!

There is also a new Dickens collection which will be released soon. Elaine has stitched this much of it so far.

There will be a set of ornies to go with it..once I get off my butt and sort out the website!
OK...enough business.  I'm working soooo hard and haven't had time to so much craft other than the finish above.  I really want to make my daughter a baby-hamper for when the little girl is born.  I had the blanket, some home made bunnies but wanted something else until I can start to knit and crochet again.  I found an amazing fb page called Crafty Crochet

I wanted something red.  My daughter is very dark, in fact, I'm the only blonde in my family until my two sons were born. When she was little, I had a gorgeous white and red dress which she looked amazing in.  I saw this on the Crafty Crochet page and had to have it for my grandaughter.

 How totally gorgeous is this?

It was affordable, arrived quickly and omgoodness, the wool is so soft.

I may or may not be cuddling it pretending there is a baby wearing it .....can you imagine with a little white vest, white tights and baby gorgeousness??

Lovely.  So thank you Crafty Crotchet...it's perfect. It arrived in time for my daughter to see it, and she was thrilled.  She's having a few issues with her blood sugars at the mo but we are just keeping everything crossed it will all be ok.  This baby is soooo loved already.

It's  no good. I have to get on with the new website.  Keep well and wish me luck as I am dragged into the murky world of I.T xxxxx


  1. I want to read the whole article! Is there an online link? As usual, you are going a mile a minute! Everything is lovely and perfect! Good luck with the website! Hugs!

  2. So thrilled for you, exciting times ahead.
    Made me smile thinking of you in a Sam Fox pose .... was just listening to Jeremy Vine at lunchtime telling everyone the Sun is dropping their page 3!!! How will be the men of the land cope with their morning cuppas lol.

    love and {hugs}

  3. So very exciting! I am happy for you.

  4. How thrilling!! Congratulations on everything and may more goodness be headed your way! :-)
    By the way I love that baby dress. So precious!

  5. So many good things happening in your life right now!! I'm so happy for you :)

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  7. Definitely excused for lack of posting (though I'd be the last to judge) ... I absolutely love the new Dickens design ... hope more is coming.

  8. Such an exciting post with so much wonderful news!

  9. Good news! New website provider, an article in a magazine, a new design and even more plans to fulfill!!! :-) I keep my fingers crossed!


  10. Wonderful, exciting news! I am so happy for you :)

  11. Fantastic! You deserve all these good news :)
    Love the little outfit you bought for your granddaughter, she will look adorable!!

  12. i am so happy for you my dear.
    big hugs x

  13. This little outfit is just adorable! She will look like a princess! It is really nice to read such a good news.

  14. So many things to be excited about. And such a cute red outfit for your granddaughter.

  15. Such a good news...so happy for you!!


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