Sunday, November 2, 2014

Sunday's Winner

Hi everyone.

Day three and so far so good.  Calamity Jane has chosen the beautiful fabric and threads from Jodyri Designs, and I have emailed Michelle who will send it to her directly.  It was amazingly kind of Michelle to donate such a gorgeous prize.  I havn't approached anyone  for prizes. Everyone who has donated has done so off their own backs and I feel humbled daily by all the support I have had in the crafting world.

I will put all winners and prizes on the left of my blog.  Winners must contact me.  I'll leave names up but you won't be able to pick a prize until you contact me.  I can't promise what will be available if others chose before you.

I just don't trust my memory at all at the moment especially with the shingles so I have to go day by day. I hope you are kind enough to forgive me for having to do it this way.

Ok: Today's winner is......Oh poop.  Anon (IM) who donated on the Please contact me and let me know who you are xx Thank you.

Enter a lower limit:  1
Enter an upper limit:  502


Random Number:  91


  1. Wonderful prizes you have, and such lovely people that donated too :)
    Enjoy your wonderful prize :)
    Hope your feeling better, or a little better?
    Smiles :)

  2. Great prize, so glad you made your target, very happy..

  3. Congrats to your winners.
    I hope you are getting better, I didn't know you could get shingles more than once?? learnt something today.

    {{big huggles}} xxx

  4. Those threads look absolutely gorgeous.

    Take care!


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