Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween Freebie and let the Prize Draw Begin!

Happy Halloween! Well, I'm having an easy day today because apparently I have shingles again: it started as a throat infection but turned into something else all together.  Twice I had to go the the gps yesterday! I  think I might as well take my sleeping bag there!

I'm taking it easy but I can't sit on my bum all day. The Prize Draw for the Breast Cancer Research fundraiser begins to day! 

 Each day I will pull one number using a random number generator and post the number on the blog. You will have 24 hours to get back to me with your choice of prize and details. I am not charging for postage but if you feel you would like to donate a little to my postage costs, via paypal it would be very greatfully recieved. My paypal address is You must check my blog each day to see if your a winner.  I will send the prizes out once they have all been drawn incase anyone wins more than one.  Does that sound fair?  Now, someone did tell me how to click on the random number generator and get it to save as a picture.  I've spent ten minutes trying to remember, so until I work it out, I will just put the number.

Each time a prize is chosen from the prize page, I will remove it, leaving future winners pictures of what is still available.  To say you have all been generous is an understatement.  You are all wonderful.

The first winner of the Breast Cancer Research Charity Craft Draw is.......Number 15!

Darn it, just realised I can't check who that is unless I put the post as draft and click back and front.  Nah, will have to work out a better way when I feel less fuzzy.

Now to some stitching!  Some the Halloween SALS have been finished and I can share the photos.

This is Emma's.

And this is Elaine's.

And while I work out who number 15 is, let's leave you with some freebies.  Happy Halloween!

Happy Hauntings!


  1. Thank you for the cute patterns!! I think I might just have to stitch one or two this weekend.

  2. Sorry your not feeling very well...
    Congratulations on raising the money, you did a brilliant job for your charity.
    Ooooh your Halloween freebie designs are cute... thank you :)
    Smiles :)

  3. So happy the target has been reached and now goodies time is starting :)
    Congratulations to whoever is N°15!
    Love your latest charts xox

  4. So happy for reaching the target dear
    Congrats to no 15
    Such swet patterns
    Thank you dear xx

  5. Hope you are feeling much better soon.

    Congratulations to number 15!

    Thank you for the cute freebies!

  6. Boo to having shingles again. My mom got them twice as well, she did say that the second time wasn't as bad. Which probably doesn't help you out much, but you're not the only one! Also, lovely freebies!! Thanks for sharing.

    And congrats no 15! :D

  7. Cute charts Gaynor. Thank you.


  8. I hope your feeling much better today. xx
    A big congrats on getting to your goal and congrats to the first winner. x


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