Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday Outing and New/Old Blog

Hi everyone!

How are you all? Keeping busy? Lots of knitting, sewing and stitching I hope?

I'm still enjoying my son's visit.  I will be sooo sad when he flies back on Wednesday.  To me he is still my baby.

Last week we took our in-laws out for  a trip. We decided to take them to Sligo, to Yeat's Country (Irish Poet).

We visited the Yeats Burial site which is at the Church of Ireland his father was vicar at.
Isn't this lovely at the entrance?

We had a look at his grave

We actually got a look in at the church though there were so many tourists, it was hard to get decent photos but we did manage to get this one of the lovely front of the church where they hold the services.

I visit Galway Cathedral sometimes and light a candle for mother's with cancer.  I lit a candle here and was surprised that there was no charge.  The Catholic Church charges for candles: the C of I doesn't.  mmmmm So glad I am not of any organised faith.

This is where my God is, and I don't mean any offence to people who go to church or who are of an organised religion but nothing makes me feel more thankful, humble and downright breathtaken than this.

There is no greed, envy, abuse or corruption in the Natural world.  I like to think I am a member of the biggest church in the world.  Isn't it amazing...I just wish I was a better photographer for you all. 

Anyway, this isn't about religion: each to their own I say!  So let's move swiftly on.......

The church was on the site of a historic monastory complete with religious buildings..right up to the time that someone in an Irish council decided to build a road right through the middle of it.  I kid you not.

This is one side of the monastory: a beautiful Celtic Cross.  Then if you cross the road, you can see all that is left of the second half.

If you click on the posters you should be able to read them. The two were built in 900 to 1200 BC. And someone felt the need to build a road through it.  Human nature hey?

We went for a drive to the coast to Salthill. The drive reminds me why I love Ireland.

These were growing on the side of the road....gorgeous and you have to love the geese just wondering by.

And then we reached the sea.

 Be nicer without the roads by the side. 

Right, that is it for now.  Oh yes, nearly forgot.  I have friends who are gluten intolerant and several who are coeliacs.  Add to those the friends who are vegetarian or who are looking to eat less meat.  I have been putting recipes on my fb page but since I am getting more organised I have decided to just put them on my blog Fifty Shades of Frugal (not about suffering or having so many opinions I don't want to hear anyone elses; just somewhere to share tips about eating healthily on a budget and recipes). Pop along: I would love to see you.  I will only be posting once a week and am hoping to introduce some foody challenges.  I have marked recipes as Vegetarian and Coeliac.  Vegans will have to work it out for themselves lol. Sorry but I know you guys can alter the recipes to suit!

Take care everyone and see you soon xx


  1. Wow it's so beautiful...
    Lovely day out :)
    Hugs xxx

  2. Lovely pictures. Looks like a fun outing.


  3. Love the pictures and history that goes with them! Especially the bronze statue of the waiting woman! Reminds me of a song called 'Brandi' tho I don't know if you ever heard it across the pond! If you ever go to Donegal... Hugs!

  4. Ireland does look beautiful! Thanks for sharing, I love all the pictures :)

  5. Thank you for taking us on a wee little trip through Ireland. Sigh, how I wish to go there. I should plan to go regardless of what gets in my way. I totally agree with you about Nature. I am a church goer but I also feel very close to God out in nature. Love the photos of the Yeats Burial site. I read a lot of Yeats in my youth!

  6. What a lovely tour! And I totally agree with you about the beauty and peace that I find in nature...

    So glad you had your son home for a while. My youngest just turned 26 and no matter what, he'll always be my baby :) Hope he can visit you again, soon!

  7. Wonderful pictures from your trip. And what you think about nature are just my own thoughts.

  8. Fabulous piccies of your adventure. Love the sculpture of the lady.


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