Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Mystery Halloween SAL EDITED

You know, every year I see you guys with your Halloween ornies and I feel lonesome and like I'm missing out.  In the Uk I gave the kids Halloween parties and really enjoyed doing so.  Here in Ireland we are in the middle of nowhere and the cows just don't get trick or treat.  No one comes to the house and so there is no excuse to dress up.

So this year, in a fit of creative juiciness I am going to bring the fun home to me, well, in the computer anyway.

I have designed a lovely Halloween chart, the Halloween Store, and am going to run it as a mystery Halloween SAL.  Big enough to be worth the effort, simple enough for even the busiest soul, the Halloween SAL will begin officially on the 11th of August and will run over 12 weeks, the final weeks release being the Sunday before Halloween!

I've opened a fb SAL group just for my SAL members and forgive me but there is going to be a small charge. It is one off and it is still a very reasonable price for the size of the chart. Stitch size 120 x 263

This is to ensure the people taking part actually want to take part rather than just add to stash: not that there is anything wrong with stash additions BUT stitching with others is the nearest I am going to get to a Halloween party!  So I need to know people are going to play nice with me.

You can find full details here HERE.  I've shown the chart to some honest friends (brutally honest sometimes) so I am confident you will like it.   I hope so anyway.  So who's in?

If you are not on FB then simply email me reports etc and we will have progress reports on the blog as well as on fb.  I know to see and post on my fb workpage you don't need an account: not so sure about the groups.  I will send email invites to the groups and you can see how it goes but if  not, then we can use the blog in the same way as the fb page so you wont be missing out.  I know many people don't like fb so that's fair enough.  Blog SAL it is as well then!
Yay, my first stitchy Halloween!


  1. I can't get the link to work. I am interested in it. Vicky

  2. I'm in and ordered already! The link worked fine for me. I'm not on fb though. Maybe it's time I signed up?!

  3. I usually forget that outside of the US there is not Halloween. Lol great idea. I can't wait to see what happens with this first for you.

  4. Good luck with this exciting SAL

  5. I thought you wanted me to be brutally honest haha


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