Saturday, May 3, 2014

Fantabulous but very late Friday

I know, I is barely Saturday (another twenty minutes and it will be Sunday) and I'm late with my post! I have good reasons for my tardiness and humbly beg your forgiveness.

I have finished three rug mugs and they are all packed, ready to go to their new homes. I can't show you them yet until I know they've been received.

I also had some very happy post!  Completely out of the blue (because I had forgotten all about it). A while back I gave some finishing advice to a lovely lady called Justine.  It's what we do isn't it? We help and we encourage and we support...and I was just passing back the love that you bloggers have given me in the past.

Justine flew with her new found sewing skills and have a giveaway which I was lucky enough to win (along with a few others...thank you Justine!)

I love the little geisha girl and I was lucky enough to received some Belfast linen.  I love them both, thank you so much Justine!  Justine's blog can be found here, why not pop over and say hi!

So why have I been absent from blog land? Well, for a while I've been looking for frames for my finishes.  Budget limitations and an inability to even find frames I actually like means I got nowhere.  I've never had so many finished peices of stitching waiting to have something done to them!

Yesterday, I popped into a local town and on a whim wondered into a charity shop supporting a charity for the blind.  Wow; ten books for two euros! Yay!!  So I had to have a good hunt for some books which will be read and then taken back; I always do this with charity shop them, read them, send them back so they can be used to raise more money.

As I carried my load to the checkout I saw a pile of picture frames, some with faded prints in.  I grabbed the lot!  10 frames for a euro each!  They are perfect  But that also meant ten cross stitches to frame. So I've spent the last two days lacing, cutting mounting board, shaping, gluing, straightening, leveling and cleaning. The frames were filthy.  They'd obviously come from a house clearance and that usually happens when someone passes away, so it's a bit sad but hopefully the previous owner, wherever they may be, will approve of how I've used them

What do you think?

My Victorian Maids Wall

My Dickens Wall

And what will be my samplers and Holmsey wall!

I'm thrilled with them all.

Right, what are my goals for the weekend?

Mmmmm who knows?  I'm going to go with the flow and hopefully will have some lovely finishes to show you next week.

Have a great bank holiday weekend and see you soon!


  1. Awe Justine is so sweet...
    WOW yes I love all of your designs up on your walls... they really look GREAT all together.
    Oh you must feel so proud knowing this its all your creation.. congratulations I am as you know a huge fan!! :)
    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next!
    Smiles for the weekend and bank Holiday Monday too :)

  2. Your framed pieces all look wonderful, congratulations on completing so many!

  3. Your framed pieces all look great!

  4. What a great bargain with the frames. Love seeing your pieces up on the wall. You'll end up with a house like Jane Greenoff soon, her walls are covered with all her designs

  5. Fantastic find with all these frames! They finish off your work beautifully :)

  6. Lovely giveaway from Justine ... congratulations on being the winner! Great buy on all those frames! Great job finding something to put in them all : )

  7. What a lovely package from Justine! Her finishing is wonderful and I was lucky to receive a package from her too.
    What great luck with the frames. Everything looks wonderful.
    Happy Sunday!

  8. Good for you!! We enjoy shopping at our Goodwill stores. They give back to the disabled.

  9. Well, well, well ... it seems you have done there something that would have taken me months to do, or years judging by the box of finished and unframed work. Well done! Great bargains too.

  10. Well done my dear..
    All the frames are so lovely..
    Big hugs x

  11. All of your designs look fabulous framed and displayed together :)

  12. Justine sent me a lovely extra gift too, a chart from my wishlist. I think it is so thoughtful that she sent you linen, sending a chart would have been coals to Newcastle!

    I love your stitching displays, charity shops are great for unusual frames, I have a lot of success there and I feel I am helping a good cause too.

  13. Fabulous frames, what a great bargain .... right place, right time... serendipity at its best.

  14. How fun to see your beauties all framed and up on your walls!

  15. Fantastic find of all those frames! I love 'thrifting'!! So much to sift through but there are 'finds' waiting to go home with us! I also recycle books, tho sometimes they go to friends at work too! Hugs!


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