Monday, April 28, 2014

Magnificent Monday

Magnificent Monday indeed!

Wow, what a lovely day I have had. A great start to the week.


Well firstly I have a finish.  A new chart I designed last week.

 I turned it into a cushion for my daughter

It's so hard to get a decent piccie.  I am having a draw on my fb page for a free pdf of this chart. Feel free to pop over if you would like to enter.

Now, there was another reason today was magnificent.  Mmmmmm what was it?  Do you know I just can't remember what else I should be telling you!  It's on the tip of my tongue!  I can't believe I can't remember what it was.

Oh! Who's that?

Ah, of course.  How on earth could I have forgotten about you?

Please everyone, Meet Miss. Rosy Hope.  Rosy was sent to me by Julie.  She is going to be a prize in the fund raising draw which will start soon!

What's that Rosy?  Oh yes, I had forgotten that as well!

Rosy came with a chart which is also going to be a prize.  Isn't Julie wonderful?  I have to be honest, getting Miss Rosy Hope in the post did bring a tear to my eye.  It is such a kind and thoughtful thing to send isn't it! Thank you Julie xxxxxxxxxxxx

Not sure I will be able to part with little Miss Rosy as she has quite made herself at home.

She asked to meet the rest of the family and was especially taken by the little bunny Julie made me several years ago!

 They tell me they will be best friends forever and Rosy promises to write once she is in her forever home.

And yes, there will be some bunny pincushions as prizes as well.  The little pink bunny insists upon taking part!

And I have had a sort out and have some more prizes!

 A fabric canvas picture (looks nicer in real life, darned camera!) and ................

Two quilted halloween hangers/table mats (they can be hung from the back).

I'm hoping to make some huswifs to go in the prize pile as well! If I manage it you can see them when I post on Friday.

I'm doing well with the mug rugs! Getting quite brave with the sewing machine.  I've now used four different stitches! That makes me practically professional!  I can't show them yet because they are for exchanges but I am sooooo pleased with them!

Right, it is very late so I'm off to bed now. I'm a little behind with my blog reading so I'll make sure I come and see what your up to tomorrow xx

Have a great week everyone! xxx



  1. What a sweet little cross stitch! :0)

  2. Beautiful cushion finish and design! Love both the Bunny finishes too :)

  3. love the sentiments of this one too, fabulous. Hope the rest of the week is as good as Monday

  4. Really like your pillow, loving the colors and the words too.
    bunnies are cute :)
    Smiles :)

  5. So pleased Miss Rosy survived the journey across the Irish Sea and made it safely for her little visit with you before heading off on her adventures.

  6. Sweet cross stitch finish, your daughter is going to love this cushion!
    Love Miss Rosy Hope, Julie is so talented, this will be a fantastic prize!

  7. Very sweet post with sweet stitching...
    So cute...
    I love the cushion so much.
    Aww cute miss rosy :)
    Big hugs x

  8. Miss Rosy is so sweet--as is her creator, Miss Julie!! I'm lucky enough to have my very own bunny from Julie, too--aren't they adorable?

    Your finish is so cute--perfect gift for your daughter. Hope the rest of your week continues on as nicely as it started:)

  9. Lovely pillow! as well as the bunny too.
    I am one of the lucky ones too, to have one of Julie's lovely work!!

  10. What a beautiful cushion for your daughter. She will treasure it always! Cute little Rosy too! So sweet of Julie to make one for you :D

  11. Lovely finish!
    Rosey is cute :-)

  12. Many lovely goodies! When/where is this fund raiser?

  13. Sweet gift for your daughter! And all the other goodies ~ fantastic!


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