Sunday, March 2, 2014

Butterflys: Please Vote Again: New Poll

 Update: I am so sorry but I have had to start the poll again.  I didnt click a box which meant people could do multiple votes on different devices.  Please, this is meant to be fun; vote for the butterfly you like rather than vote for a friend.  Some competitors are not on facebook and it seems a little unfair when this is meant to be fun!  And just one vote please xx  Thank you for your understanding.  All the competitors will receive a prize, so there are no losers xxx  This was my cock up and nothing to do with any of the competitors xx Live and learn.....

Omgosh, omgosh, omgosh....I am sooooo excited.  It is time to vote on the butterflies.

And it was only when I recieved a picture of a butterfly this morning that I realised how appropriate the competition was.

Firstly I asked people taking part to make the butterfly their own: to use their imagination and creativity and I have to say with total honesty, all those who entered have indeed made it their own.  From what I know of the entrants from their blogs and fb pages, I can see their own individual characters in the butterflies.  How totally amazing is that?

Secondly, the butterfly is a creature of transformation.  The metamophasis from caterpiller to butterfly has scientists completely stumped: to go from a living organism to a living 'soupy gloop' to a butterfly is still a process not fully understood.

And that is very symbolic as I move from the energy of being a victim of a crappy health diagnosis with crappy outcomes (for my age group) to someone who fully enjoys life, is thrilled by the simplest of pleasures and who is now designing and finally has a 'job'  I really love.  And I didn't even consider the symbolism of the competition until I received an entry yesterday.  I could be a butterfly, just without the gloopy bits...well, actually I guess there are a few gloopy bits but hey, as long as they stay healthy gloopy bits, that's fine by me!

Over fifty people asked for this chart (I had to count fb requests, blog requests and email requests).  How amazing is that! I am stunned! I know what we are like as stitchers, we put our charts in a pile and they sit and wait patiently  until we feel like stitching them, so I don't mind that not all of you joined in.  It was a real ego-boost that you even wanted the chart.  Thank you!

So, what would I like you guys to do?  I would like you to vote.

To be completely fair to everyone, I have added photos of the butterflies and each has a designated number rather than name.  Just go to the poll on the side bar and vote for the one you like, the one you feel has really been made 'their own' by the stitcher.  I don't envy you: I couldn't choose one but to make it a bit easier for you guys and as guilt free as I can I have 'adjusted' the prize.

The person with the most votes = Ten pdf charts or a 45.00 euro voucher to use as they wish in my shop: They can hold on to it or use part of it etc.

Second Prize: Five PDF charts of their choice.

All other entries: Two pdf charts of their choice.

There is no rush to claim the prizes bearing in mind I have five new charts being released next week alone!

So please, please vote.  And when you look at the pictures also please bear in mind that we are struggling with winter light and photos are quite difficult to take! So well done stitchers for perservering with the dreaded cameras!
Feel free to click on the individual photos to get a better look: some have beads, metallic threads, buttons, the most delicate of variagated threads, and all are stunning.  So please vote, and spread the word.  Lets big up these amazing finishes!

Butterfly 1.

Withdrawn: the owner didnt realise it was going in a competition: she tells me she had a ball and I know that just like all the other butterflies it def. deserved to win.  The stitcher did it to support me and my butterflies.  Thank you sweetie!!!!

Butterfly 2

 Butterfly 3

Butterfly 4

Butterfly 5

Butterfly 6

Thank you to all who entered, and thank you for voting! Added note; please do not say who you vote for, Thank you xxxx


  1. I vote for butterfly six. They are all great.

  2. They are all gorgeous :) good luck every one love mouse xxxxx

  3. I vote number 2! Sorry I did not enter, but time is of a major issue at the moment. All the finishes are gorgeous!

  4. I'm going to vote now! Wish I could vote for two!! :)

  5. Wonderful entries, good luck every one :)

  6. Well happy! Now I saw, I have voted for two :)

  7. All butterflies are so cute. My decission was difficult but finally I have chosen for .....

    I am sure I will do this butterfly in a few weeks. Then I also will show you.
    Thanks for this pattern.


  8. Beautiful work. So hard to choose just one.

  9. Well done stitchers, good luck to you all, off to place my vote.

  10. Everyone did a wonderful job on the butterflies! Hard to vote!!

  11. I vote for number 2! Love the floss fabby combo used =)

  12. I vote for #4 but they are all cute

  13. So hard to choose! But, the job is done! Well done to everybody!


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