Monday, March 3, 2014

Busy Bee: Need a Rest!

Hi everyone,

Thank you all so much for voting in the butterfly competition. It is still going on.  The butterflies are in the post before this one and you can also reach it by clicking on the link in the labels on the right hand side of the blog.

I have been sooo busy. Too busy really.  Lots of new designs, some I can show; some are not quite ready yet.

Remember Spring?

Well Elaine, superstitcher, sent me a photo of Summer which is now finished.  I've edited the photo but can't get it quite right but as soon as I get it back I will frame it and have them both photographed together AND I will even get the colour of the fabric right!  I might be being a bit optimistic, but hey? We gotta get some sun sooner or later yes?

This little miss is the Amy Pond of the Victorian era lol!  I am really pleased with her.

And the Butterfly Symphony chart inspired this;

 Dance of the Butterflies (89 x 103 stitches)

Inspired by how I always pictured the Far Away Tree (Enid Blyton), it led to me thinking a lot about the books I used to love as a child.  One of my favourites was The Little Grey Men (BB), and those thoughts and the style of the Butterfly charts, led in turn to this.....

102 x 141 stitches

The Little Grey Men tells the tale of the last gnomes in Britain and their adventures with their animal friends.  One night they are visited by the God of Nature, really stayed with me and as soon as I get paid I'm going to order it from a certain online book store.  I lived in books as a child.  Well, with four little brothers you would wouldn't you!  I had over 300 books by the time I was ten and I read them all repeatedly.  Sadly, my mum sold or gave them all away one day when I was at school because we were moving yet again.  Deep inside, I still haven't forgiven her.  All my Enid Blytons, my Silver Brumbies and the two books about the Little Grey Men.  Sad to say I am still trying to buy them all back!

Anyways, I have two more Christmas charts coming out this week but they are pre-stitched so when I have the models I will reveal all.

I promised myself a break this week.  I failed miserably today, having finished the above chart and I sorted out and catalogued all my threads,organising them according to shade rather than DMC number.  Took all blooming day but it should make it easier for the designing now.  So, I am going to love and leave you for a week.  I want to sew and knit and garden and not be on the computer!  

Please carry on voting for the butterflies..please dont't leave me with a tie..I really couldn't take the pressure!

Have a great week everyone xxxxxxx


  1. Spring...I vaguely remember something about that from last year I think! LOL

  2. Loving your new designs, your so very talented :)

  3. I'm loving all of these! Great work! I loved in books as a child too. I still seem to be drowning in them. Reading one now set in Ireland! Enjoy your week.

  4. Wow! You have been knocking them out. I hope that this week the weather cooperates and you recharge and relax.

  5. More lovelies to admire.

    Enjoy your week away from the computer to recharge your batteries and make friends with the seedlings ready for a bumper crop later in the year.
    love and {hugs}

  6. Love your new designs, especially the last one!
    I still have a few Enid Blytons from when I was a little girl, loved them! But they are in Dutch so I am afraid they won't be any good to you.
    Hope you enjoy your break.

  7. Wow you've been so busy!! These new designs are fabulous... I'm sure you're getting better at this as you're going along :D Spring is just adorable, my new favourite design from you... Do you notice, I keep changing my mind! :D


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