Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Free Chart and Pumpkins

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all well.  I'm so busy it is beyond belief..and not busy in a good, stitches and thread kindda way but never mind.

I want to take a moment to Thank DaffyCat for organising the new Pumpkin Patch day (as it is now and will forever be).

For those of you not in the Know, just look at my last post.

It was totally awesome!  I had my post programmed to be published spot on 12.00 midnight for Cathey's blogoversarry.  I put the computer on at around 8 am and watching the pumpkins appear on the reading list was a little like watching the sun come up all around the world.

As you guys woke up, on they appeared, one after the other.  It was an awesome phenomenon!

I haven't heard how Cathey is but I am hoping our show of support aids her a little.  I would hate to think that she feels she has to reply to each and every post: I am well at the moment and even I struggled to write on all of them.  It is enough to know that she knows how loved she is.

Thank you all for joining in and thank you Daffycat for organising it.

Life is so precious and we really need to make the most of each and every second of it.

The Pumpkin Patch surprise was, in my humble opinion, a slice of life well spent.

My Graceful in Green chart is ready to go: I just have to tweak the finished item.  Bless you Elisa for stitching it for me!  Miss. Yellow is kitted up and Miss. Blue looks amazing.  They just need to be stitched!

To say thank you to you all for helping Cathey out, and of course for being so supporting of me when I was going through it all, I would like to offer you a freebie.

Boo-tiful in Black.

If you would like this chart emailed out to you in all it's glory, please email me at stitcheranon@yahoo.co.uk

You must email me so I can send it back by replying to your email.

Right, must dash....hopefully tomorrow will be quieter and I can do some crafting!


  1. It was wonderful to join in something so beautiful.

    I love that chart ;-)

  2. It was Stupendous! The outpouring of Love and Care...

  3. it was a good day for pumpkins wasn't it ... and just loved your post as it summed up everything (the first one you did as it was slightly different to the altered one) , would love to have the chance to stitch the chart and have it out for Halloween ... didn't say which one though hehehe .. love mouse xxxxxx
    off to go and email you :)

  4. I'm glad it's being busy that is keeping you quiet. The crafting time will soon be back x

  5. Hello !
    It was wonderful to join in something so beautiful.
    I love that chart ;-)


    Hugs :)

  6. I'm a new follower. I found you by chance, jumping from one blog to another. Love that chart, so I'm going to write you right now.

    Have a nice day! xoxo

  7. Cute one! Off to email you now.

  8. It's so sweet ❤️❤️❤️
    Huge hugs x

  9. You are so generous, i'm sure you'll be even busier sending out the chart to stitchers.

    {{big hug}} to you and lots of love too xxxx

  10. How kind of you! I love this chart, I will pop you an email now :)


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