Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Gracious Welcome to Graceful in Green

Stitched by E. Wilson on Cream Jobelan.

I have since altered her eyes to one strand of Green and she looks gorgeous.  I couldn't take an up-to-date piccie as our sun has gone and it was hard enough getting these pictures.  I wonder if the big-name designers have to contend with three dogs trying to jump on a bench as I take photos in my pjs and dressing gown in a desperate attempt to take advantage of the little bit of daylight we have?

I somehow suspect not, but hey, you can't fault my dedication can you?

This little Miss is very prim and proper: everything must be neat and in it's place.  The bushes must be trimmed to perfection and her dress, the height of Victorian Fashion.  I reserched it all, including the colours.  Bless her.

Perfect in Primrose and Bonny in Blue are ready to stitch and I am thrilled with them.  They are very different to Miss Green: very much more free spirit and less Victorian Stiffness.

I have also finished designing a biggee: A Victorian Christmas which can either be stitched as one big piece or as individual ornaments.  I have had it taste tested, researched all things Victorian Christmasssy and am so pleased with it.  And yes, it features my actual fireplace which I haven't even seen all week as hubby is still sanding the floor door.

I can't wait to get my genuine Victorian room back into it's former glory.  We are even restoring the rose above the light fitting...that is how cool it is!

I am looking forwards to sitting in my room with the coal fire blazing and stitching.  Dogs by my feet (because they can come in if there is no carpet), glass of wine by my daylight lamp and huddled against the bitter cold of winter.

Here is are reminder of the fireplace which has sublimly influenced my designs.

Thank you everyone who requested a Bootiful in Black Chart.  I hope you enjoy it. There were som many of you!  I hope I get to show off your finishes on here!

Have a great weekend everyone xx Catch you all soon xx



  1. she is lovely, look forward to seeing the others too x

  2. Very cosy scene. Made me giggle the thought of you in your pj's outside photographing lol.

  3. I enjoyed stitching Graceful very much :-) I always have photo troubles it's either too light or too blumming dark.
    Elisa xx

  4. Another sweet sweet..
    Very pretty display ..
    Huge hugs x

  5. I absolutely ADORE the Gracious in Green piece! The color is just eye-popping.

  6. Hope you get to feel a bit better this week, you need all the energy you can get to keep up with these girls


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