Thursday, October 10, 2013

Done with Cancer, on with life!!! And Witch is the New Black

Hi everyone.
I hope you are all good.  Lots  happening  here.

Car has died...I am asking Santa for a bike for Chrismas (I'm hoping he forgot I already got a new sewing machine in advance of Christmas lol).  I will bike 7 miles into my nearest town and do my shopping..I have had enough of cars!

Puppy is good..though has a tendency to eat and tangle wool far better than any cat I know!  My knot fiddling and untangling skills have improved no end!

Son doing well at school.

Website died but it is ok cus I need to make more things to put on it.  I did get to talk to a lovely young man in Florida who called me m'am when I cancelled the service and so I'm trying desperately to work out how to get to America just so I can walk around and be called M'am all day. 

Hospital appointment was ok: they took bloods but that is good cus if I had to go to my GP I would have to pay for it.  I get the results today.  I am feeling much better now though so I am hopeful it was just the new type of Tamoxifen they gave me which made me feel like pooh.

The young Dr asked to examine my boob but I said no.  Why?  Because he is a radiotherapist and not a breast expert and I only had my mammogram four weeks ago.  If I can't feel anything, neither can he.  I went through the twenty minutes of mental conflict 'oh no; should I have let him?????' but I am back in the new year anyway and it is time to stop worrying.

Nothing will come up in four weeks, nothing that can be felt by hand anyway.

And now I feel fully liberated.  Cancer is lessoning it's hold on me and I WILL GET ON WITH LIVING!.

People wonder why we think about cancer so much. Well, it isn't because as Jennifer Saunders says, 'we wear it like a badge' (BOOOO HISSSS Jennifer...who isnt wearing like a badge but is publishing a book on it ironically...), it is because you are never, ever given the all clear.  Because plain and simple they don't know.  It could be there, lurking and hiding and so you are always aware of this.

But enough is enough.  Just like many other people living with a cancer diagnosis, we will of course help anyone who needs to know we are out there, surviving and living BUT I refuse from now on to let it be my main thought of the day.

On the 13th it will be two years since my diagnosis.  Two years attention is more than enough for any naughty boob!

Time to go stand in the corner boob and I will stop catering to it's attention seeking! 

YIPEE I got my extra ten likers on the fb page sooooooo here is my final Halloween Freebie.  I love it.  I had so much fun working out what her dress would be like, which shows how tired I am considering it is in one colour.

I went to Enniskillen shopping and Asda are selling clothes etc to raise money for BC.  I bought a funky top which says  'Pink is the new Black'.  And as my thoughts wandered on the way back, I radomley started to think about Halloween and what witches would wear to raise money for charity.   I know; you seriously would never want to be in my is a mess of randomness!

And then I realised, witches would only ever where one colour which is how this little chart was created!

Enjoy and please, I would love to see any finishes of my charts.  Next Christmas charts!  Yay!!!!


  1. my dear friend you so sweet..and i am sending you extra sweet hugs and extra african sunshine..
    the witch is so cute.
    hugs x

  2. Good for you putting this behind you. But you had me ROFL @ putting your boob in a corner! ;0)

  3. Good for you!!! Focus on yourself & your happiness, not the naughty boob :) I really think Santa should bring you this bike, you're being a very good girl :D Love the latest freebie chart xx

  4. OMG ...2 years ago ... flippin heck that moved along at an alarming rate.

    Naughty little puppy, makes for some fun swear words in your home I bet.... lol

    Happy crafting, I hope Santa is watching and seeing what a good girl you are being.

    Well done to son at school, good lad!

  5. Hope you stay well!

    Thanks so much for this cutie and others.

  6. Gaynor,
    That's right YOU are in charge...Glad your staying up lifted...Love the freebie so cute!

    Guess what I finished stitching last night?

    I will be sending you a pic today.


  7. I can't believe it's been two years, it's gone so quickly. Good to see the PMA has come out again, did the quilt get finished?


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