Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Another Freebie!

Yay!  I have worked out the technology woohooo.

Here is Evening Fall

AND I have a real doozie of a halloween ornie all finished and ready to stitch, inspired by my BC 'Pink is the New Black' sweater I bought from Asda in Eniskillen this week.

And I will give it free for just 6 more likes on my fb page here.

I promise you will love it....and of course, it is all stitched in black or eq overdyed threads cus that is what we love with Halloween charts!

For now though, here is Evening Fall xxxx

I am off to hospital now but when I come back, I hope, I really hope I will be able to make some good, positive changes to my blog and my whole attitude!
Wish me luck!!!!!!!


  1. Good luck at the hospital and getting the extra likes on Facebook.
    Love the halloween design.

  2. aww this is so pretty too..
    good luck at the hospital dear..
    sending you big hugs x

  3. I'd forgotten it was Tuesday, hope it went well x

  4. Hope everything went well for you (big hug) xxx


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