Monday, September 23, 2013

Two Finished Finishes

Hi everyone.

I know; two posts in two days.  There is a reason for that.  On the 27th there will be a very VERY special post going out so I want to make sure I have a few days clear either side so it takes a huge priority.

I have been going through a lot of changes.  On Thursday I was asked to speak to a lady who is in a hospice and who was scared of passing over as she loses her fight with cervical cancer.  As a scientists and a spiritual person, she wanted my take on the process.  Yes, you can be a scientist and you can be spiritual.  God gave us brains for a reason, in my humble opinion.  She wanted comfort: she wanted confirmation of her own beliefs since no one from her own church bothered to go and see her.  That to me is just plain disgusting.  So I got on a train for two hours, taxi for half and hour and I went and chatted, and held her hand.

My family were worried for me; after all, one day that could and probably will be me. But actually I found it comforting and reassuring and hopefully if I am in that position someone will come and hold my hand too.

A little while after I left, she slipped into a coma and now it is in God's hands. She hasn't fully left but her daughter tells me she feels peaceful as she gently slips away.  There is no pain and she now letting God take her whereas before my visit she was very much fighting the process and wasn't going anywhere until she was ready.  Understandable really.   But she felt at peace when I left.   I was able to help take the fear away so she won't pass feeling afraid.  And unless you have been in this position, the big C position, you cannot begin to imagine the terror it brings.

It also means I am thinking hard and deep about my role as a human being, being able to help other human beings.  And that means lots of walking, being with my animals, and crafting; the things which stop the mind being busy and allow us to connect to whatever it is we believe in.

It also meant a very angry email to a church regarding their lack of pastoral care. Shame on them.

But, back to the crafting:

Remember Elaine (lany) stitched my Friendship Hare for me? Well he is now a cushion.

I had huge problems with the stuffing but we got there in the end.  I am really pleased with how my imaginations are coming out and one of the things I really, REALLY like about them is that they fit in normal size picture/photo frames.  Some of us (most of us) cannot afford to keep getting specialist frames made....I don't have that problem with my finishes (evil laugh wahahahaw)!

And I found the perfect place for my little Autumnal chart: perfect for my September page in the Needlework Masters Stitchalong Book!

 Right: thats me done.  Lots to get on with. Like trying to get a decent photo in our Irish light!

Have a good week everyone xx


  1. What a truly special thing you did when you visited that lady, you are an inspiration. I am glad that she has found peace.
    Beautiful stitching (:
    Have a good week.

  2. it is truly so special..and you so sweettttttttttt
    pretty finishes.
    hugs x

  3. Beautiful touching & creative post :)

  4. Bless you so much for what you did. Brought tears .

    Love your finishes. xxx

  5. Dear Gaynor,

    You are a wonderful person!
    The stitchings are very pretty.:)


  6. So glad you could give some comfort to your friend and help her and her family and made her passing a little easier. Sad time.

    I love the way you have finished Friendship Hare, he looks wonderful.

  7. Such a sad story...((hugs))

    Love how you finished off the Friendship piece as well as the Autumn one.

  8. Hugs to you for taking the time to bring that lady peace. I'm sure blessings will be returned to you.

  9. He looks great as a cushion, glad you finally tamed the filling x

  10. What a beautiful thing you did, making that trip and helping someone in their time if need....
    Love the finishes ~ they look great!

  11. What a lovely thing you did! It IS true--until you have walked in those shoes, unfortunately it does not occur to people to reach out like that! Life is precious, but so is a person's passing. To help them not be afraid and look forward to being with God is a BIG thing! Bless you!


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