Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Three Little Maids

Three done: just waiting for Radiant in Red to be framed properly but here she is in all her glory...and the charts are now available pdf again or hard copy.

I am thrilled. 

My three ladies on the victorian fireplace.  I will show it in all it's glory but that would mean I have to clean it and tidy up first!

I have been feeling a bit 'off' and very tired.  I have been on Tamoxifen for about 15 months and have had no real issues with it at all so it may be the Tamoxifen could just be I am overdoing it I guess.  Eitherway, yesterday I was pooped so I decided to have a huge sort out ready to decorate my son's bedroom craft room.  Teehee...I hope he likes daisies.

I was keeping my buttons in a sweet jar and my ribbons and everything were in a box.  I have no idea how I got them all in the box but yesterday I sat on my butt and sorted.  And I can now see what I actually have which means I can use it!!

Buttons organised according to colour

Sets of buttons in ice cube trays (I know, round ice cubes?  Who knew?? rofl)

Ric Rak, trims and pompom trims

 Beads and cording

Lots and lots of lace: I suspect most of it is from Nancy at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe!  I love her lace.

The trays are part of a desktop filing I know now knew everything is and can use it!  Yay!!!!

I am really behind with commenting on blogs, I am sorry.  I am still reading but I just feel so drained...hopefully it will pass soon xxx

Take care


  1. I need to organize my bits and bobs too. Hope you get some energy back. A good nap should be on your list.

  2. I organized mine too...aww super fun to see all the sweet treasure..
    Keep well
    Hugs x

  3. Clever, your sitting on your butt was really productive ;-) Love your little ladies...

  4. Your ladies all look lovely! How fun seeing all your bits and pieces organized ~ I need to do some organizing.

  5. It's the tamoxifen--same as the femara for me! I have felt much better after being off it for a year now! your trio of ladies is so very nice! Hugs!

  6. Look after yourself, and give yourself some time to rest. Love your newly organised stash, like to see it again in a couple of months, lol

  7. oooo now you have finished with your organizing wanna pop over here think the tiredness must be in the air as I am also megga pooped .... take care and hope you start to feel more energetic soon :) love mouse xxxxxx

  8. The girls look amazing!! Great organization :)

  9. I love the Christmas version of your Ladies! It's so sweet :) Must have been great sorting out all your bits & pieces, I have no way near as much as you... yet! :P

  10. Well... I have a weeks holiday and you write what seems like a hundred posts!

    Lots of lovely things happening on the stitching front. I'm sad you are to loose a friend, your visit would have helped her immensely, you are so kind and thoughtful to help her on her journey.

    Lots of eye candy in your tidy up, the brain cells will be in overdrive thinking about the nice things you forgot you had.

    hope the new craft group goes well, sounds fabulous.

    {big hug} x

  11. Pretty finishes and great sorting.


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