Monday, September 16, 2013

Radiant in Red

Elaine has done an amazing job: the light is so difficult to get a good photo but it is truely gorgeous.

It is amazing how these ladies all seem to inspire thoughts about their characters.

This little lady is a lot like Jo from the book Little Women: There she stands, all pretty and warm but you just know she would throw a snowball at you as soon as look at you!

Graceful in Green which will be revealed soon is altogether different; far more serious and refined.  She would know how to eat lobster without getting butter on her or have shell flying everywhere and she would never, ever slurp her soup!

Perfect in Primrose is a younger lady: I do believe she only 'came out' recently so all that is going through her head at the moment is the latest fashions of the times: where she can be seen to her greatest advantage and how to appear coy and demure when really she is constantly weighing up potential husband material!

The first three ladies said to me that they would stand still to enable me to get their likeness: how nice of them.  The new ladies are getting far more adventurous!  "We want to pose this way, or that way!  Make sure you get our best likeness!  We want puffy sleeves/parasols/dainty gloves/lacy underskirts!!!"

So what do you do?

Well you have to give them to them or the chattering just doesn't stop!

And as for the sorts of gardens they want! Well: more and more demanding.  "I want topiary!"  "I want birds!"
Goodness!  I will be glad when I have got them all out!

So without further ado, here is Radiant in Red and her sisters who have already come out into polite society!

Stitched on 28 count Pink Jazilyn which is so har to photograph...I think I am going to have to learn a new skill!!!!

 I have altered the competition on the fb page: to be put into the draw for one chart of your choice, simply like and share the page: for all of the charts, professionally printed and sealed: fill in the sentence.
Good luck!

(link is on the side bar): now...where are Miss Primrose's details!  My needles need to be moving!
Have a lovely week everyone xxxx


  1. Aww they all so sweet..I love them all.
    Big hugs x

  2. Gaynor,
    I love this series and Radiant in Red is my favorite so far!

    I'm still working on the patriotic chart. It seems I sit down to start stitching and the four men in my life(husband, son, and two cats)are always needing my attention for this or that.

    Bill has his 3 car Man garage, William has his game/computer room.
    I have a corner in the living room where I have found my spot. I need to post a sign that under no circumstances(unless it's a real emergency)are they to disturb me and my stitching. What do you think?

    It won't last long I know it....


  3. Lovely ladies!! The Radiant in Red is my favourite so far!!

  4. Wonderful stitchings and designs Gaynor.:)


  5. They make for a wonderful collection


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