Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I am soooo pleased.

A while ago I watercoloured some hares for a personal chart I want to do:just for me.  I adapted one of these hares and felt he had a message.  I altered it after previewing it here and Elaine (lany) sent it back to me all stitched up and ready to finish.  I love it.  It is exactly how I hoped it would look and more!

It is stitched on 28 count cream Brittney but of course, despite utilizing daylight lamps etc you cannot see the natural colour of the fabric. Hopefully when he is finished with the green fabric I have chosen, you will see him better: then on the brochure he will go the charts will be printed and into the shop they will go!

What do you think of this little lass? She was crocheted yesterday.

You know me and owls!!!

And I felt inspired to do some fabric art on canvas: applique at its best.  I love working with these textured fabrics!

Of course, the light and the photographer need more work: it really is a fresh, zesty looking picture.  I am thinking of doing a craft fair at some stage but until then they will go on the website.

I have started some knitting projects as I'm running a craft club from Friday and while it was supposed to be like minded people meeting up and chatting and crafting, it seems that most people want to learn to knit.  So I  have some ideas for simply knits for people once they master the basic stitch and casting on.  I've just finished knitting a christnas tree but I can't get my head away from the fact it looks like a warm, wooly condom.  Maybe when it is decorated it may look more like a tree and my hubby and son can stop sniggering!

I've nearly finished my own Autumn freebie: loving it.  I know most people stitch it before they give a chart, but hey? Where's the fun in that?  It is a nice suprise when it comes out right!

Radiant in Red has gone back to be restitched: this time in different fabric so the snow can show up a little more.  Thank you Elaine: you are a saint!

My wonderful printer guy has also taught me about pdf printer so that gets me out of a sticky bind: my pdf just wasn't good enough quality to sell charts: this is much better, and I can email it to him to print hard copies which gets me around the fact my  printer died.  It died two days before it's warranty ran out so hopefully I should get another one or get this one repaired for free!  Still waiting to hear back from them!

Well, that is all my crafting news: not bad for a Wednesday!

I will leave you with this: We went out for a day in Carrick on Shannon to make the most of what turned out to be the last sunny day we had!

It says, 'First Irish Man to cross Africa with HM. Stanley.  Co-discoverer of the Mountains of the Moon'.

What I want to know is, was he looking for the mountains and by accident he found Africa or was he looking for Africa and by accident found the mountains of the moon??????


Enjoy the rest of the week folks; may Friday arrive swiftly and with minimum effort!


  1. Aww cute owl...and very pretty bunny stitching..
    Hugs x

  2. Lovely stitching and crochet. I made one of these little owls for my hubby's desk at work. Wasn't too keen on the white yarn though!

  3. Beautiful stitching and ohhh the crocheted is soooo cute!

  4. Wnderful pices dear Gaynor.:)
    Good to know that you like owls.:)))


  5. Oh heck--now I want to know too--which came first?? You are quite the crafter! Multiple mediums, too! I am sticking to just a couple--oh, maybe three... yeah, that sounds good! Hugs!

  6. Love the bunny piece! And, my gosh, I am smitten with that owl!

  7. I love the owl, her hair do is fabulous, and the fabric/canvas art is perfect.


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