Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The 'C' Word

Now I wonder who is so into their crafting that they know instantly what the C word is, and which of you have minds stuck down the sewer????

It was pointed out to me on a blog yesterday that it was the first of July: we are on that downward slope towards winter, and along with our winter comes the C word!

Yes, Christmas.  Some evil shmeagal then put on facebook exactly how many days it is till Christmas.  You will be thrilled to know that I'm not that cruel.  If you want to know, work it out for yourself.

I am working on several projects at the moment but last night I decided to make a start on my first Christmas charts.  I am still on a really basic programme because I need to sort out the spare room ready for the other computer and the more up to date programme which hopefully will allow me to save work.  If it does, then I don't have to stay up until nearly 1.00 am because I need to finish it and print it and save it in a finished form rather than risk losing it all. Which is what I had to do last night! Or this morning as the case may be.

I honestly don't think I will buy any other charts.  I have had a look at the charts that are around at the moment and a little bit of me feels we are being suckered.  Mystery projects; monthly buy alongs and SALs, all designed to make us buy, buy, buy.

Now I know those of you who really love A Certain Designer will be swooning at my outrageous suggestions.  I can feel the de-friending button clicking as I type.  And I don't care.  This is my personal view on my personal blog.  You can always just read on to the next paragraph and hopefully by then you will find it in your heart to forgive me and my ignorance of your passion for A Designer.  Or put it down to sleep deprivation in which case you would be correct, at least partially!

I also read through my past issues of the Christmas JCS.  And I have to say I won't be buying it again.  I haven't done a single chart from the last one.  I was really, really disappointed with most of them to be honest.  And the recipes!  I found it really hard to actually find a recipe or what I would class as a recipe.  They all seem to be combinations of canned (tinned) products with packet products.  Yuck.. So unhealthy.  The only tinned (canned) things we eat are baked beans (when I am too lazy to make my own) or tinned tomatoes (when I run out of passata).

Sugar, cheese, more sugar, more cheese seems to be the order of the day with their recipes.
 It may be a cultural thing, I don't know.  But they are all yucky so if I don't like the charts and I don't like the recipes, there is no point in my buying it.

  I will resist the temptation of buying it for buying its sake!  Darn it..there goes more un-following clicks.
Ah well.  I'll live

 Ok..you may need to read more than one paragraph to forgive me my outrageous views. I suspect you are just about giving up on at me this moment.  What can I say?  I always was a rebel: the first one in my school to turn up with bright orange dyed hair which I dyed pink when they objected to the orange. They didn't object again because I threatened purple if they didn't like the pink!

I'm not saying my designs are as commercially likeable as your Favourite Designers.  I'm new to this. I will make mistakes and I will learn from them but.....I do get to make what I actually want to stitch.  I don't think I have ever done a chart and not changed it: whether adding bits, taking bits away or altering colours.  So I might as well just make my own charts.

 I will carry on getting Santa's Village, even though I've only done the first one but that is it.  I just can't afford to keep buying in charts. I have three WIPS going and I have some lovely charts which were sent me off my wish list and which I won in a giveaway.  Any more I will have to make.

I would appreciate your feedback with my charts. And I'll continue with the Friday Freebie while I have lots of ideas.

I love this Friday's.

But until then. do you want to see what I was doing until 1.00 am this morning?

(Just a second: I want to give those I have offended time to slam the door and unfollow me..there they go).

Ok: I am hoping there'll be one person left, so just for you, wonderful person who can accept me and my extremist views..here are my first Christmas Charts.  I am sure I'll tweak them a little more before I stitch them but we will see.  Feedback always appreciated: constructive, not cruel if that is ok xxxx

And I look forwards to seeing you on Friday with the new freebie.  Oh, should say: the pics don't fully illustrate the colours faithfully: in fact, they look nothing like the actually colours used which are quite tasteful in truth.    Have a lovely week faithful reader: you must have the stitching skin of a rhino but I love you all the more for it!

Rejoice with cardinal

Rejoice with Robin


Have a great week. See you Friday
(BTW I hadn't allowed for international tones of conversation rofl: this post is slightly tongue in cheek though I am completely serious about the yucky recipes !)


  1. I love your post!! Everyone is different & we all have different tastes!! And I fully agree with you :) I really hope no one will stop following you for expressing your opinions x Love your "C" charts, keep at it sweetie, you're a diamond x

  2. Well now! I'd say you are feeling rather spunky today! hahaha! I love your opinions and I have become more and more choosy about what I purchase as well.

    I think your patterns are lovely and likely to be 'quick' stitches, which is what we all need when feeling overwhelmed with so much to do.

  3. Now that's very thought provoking post,I don't buy hardly anything, way too many things I have that I really still want to stitch.

    I like this one and as you know i stitch the 'c' word all year round with my ornie a month so it is not a naughty word here, just part of my organisation for a peaceful and stress free festive season. Of course with the Santa village as well, my stitching time is 'c' overloaded this year lol.

    This one is a beauty, perfect for next months ornie.

  4. Uhuh, what got you into the mood for a rant like this? ;-) You, know, love you and your blog all the more for it. I'm tired of being classed second-rate because I don't do the Favourite Designers, don't follow their collections, don't join their SALs - but I can honestly say that I've hardly ever stiched something I didn't like 100% and if I have it wasn't because it was by a Most Popular Designer.

    Your new charts are just my cup of tea and I'd like the robin one, please. Only I feel that the hare is missing its bushy tail. This will look fab on sparkly light blue aida or some similar fabric.

  5. I love your post and read it all the way to the end(:

    I think your charts are lovely!
    I don't tend to join mystery SAL's in case I don't like one of the parts!
    Also I can't afford to keep buying all the parts.
    Guess we all have different taste!

  6. Firstly love the robin and the last chart,do not like the cardinal one maybe because it is a foreign to us here in the UK. I did read and enjoy your post but as I am not clever enough to do my own I shall probably continue to buy when and what I can. Take care sweetie and I dont mind the C word .I too may give up on the ornie issue but we will see.

  7. I like the second chart. Would stitch it up for sure.

  8. LOL, still here. Your opinions are just as valid as anyone elses. I am not keen on the mystery type things , I want to see what I'm going to be stitching. Not too keen on the monthly ones either ,as you say , a lot of it tends to be buying for the sake of it. I did consider it with one of the series (won't name names) but wasn't too keen on the second one and haven't stitched the first one yet after having it a few months , so I'll wait until they are all out and then choose if I want any of the others.
    Love your C charts too, it is never too early , but I do not want to know how many days it is thank you very much. X

  9. I love reading your posts (and I am not about to "un"follow you at all)! I love when people are able to express their opinions. It is important to be able for it is very healthy. While some may agree and some may not, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    It is a good time to thing of the "C" word, for it will bring in some chill. Man, it is hot here! I love your designs. While I am partial to the ones with Cardinals because of how they symbolize my grandparents (whom I miss very, very much), it is neat to see a design with a robin. Don't see many of those.

    Take care and, please, continue voicing your opinion and expressing your thoughts!

  10. GIRL--the 'C' word??!! To you and me, it means something different also!! I almost panicked!! I do love Christmas tho... As to clubs and SALS, I am with ya, sistah! I hastily joined a club this year, and liked the first one, not so much the second one--had to change the fabric, cause I don't use 30-count. Third one--same dang thing--30 count! I think I am going to sell it!! I just don't care for it at all! Whatever! Still friends... forever! Big Hugs!

  11. That gave me a chuckle to start the day. With you on the recipes

  12. Definitely the Robin for me. I am loving your charts.

  13. Your charts are so sweet :)
    Hugs x

  14. Great post! There have been some series that I have seen that amaze me at how much they would end up costing ~ crazy! Love the charts ~ I would do the cardinal, as the robins here aren't around during the winter.

  15. Lol, that was a good rant!
    I read that retailers are already promoting their 'C' lines. Local paper has had adverts for 'C' day lunch.
    I don't have favourite designers, if I like 'it' that is all that matters.
    Only occasionally buy new charts. I look for magazines in cs's or car boot, to be honest I have enough to last me though
    Just started a "Some Bunny" picture for ggd's bedroom wall, from a magazine which cost me 25p.
    Carol xx


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