Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Creative Crafting Blog Tour

Hi everyone.
Thank you all for your support in your last post.  I don't have gray days very often and when I do they usually correspond to periods when I am waiting for results or am about to have a hospital appointment or sadly when someone passes.

Your kindness really does help and of course hearing from other survivors  (Thanks Maggee).
So onwards and upwards as they say! Today is a brand new day, filled with hope and sunshine!

Craftwise things have taken a slight down turn.  I finally started my wiggle whimsey quilt.  Well, better late then never!  I did a whole row and then realised my quarter inch foot on my sewing machine isnt actually a quarter of an inch..darn it!  So I unpicked what I could, threw out what I had trimmed and started again.  I also tried to do the whole row as I went.  And that was a mistake so now I am making blocks and I guess I will trim them when needed and then sew them together.  Who knew quilting was so complicated!  My logical head still can't get around the fact that even if your stitching and cutting is exact, you don't always get an exact square and it needs trimming!  Stupid material.   Or is that just me?

I have the second of my flower charts ready to stitch and another chart in the process of being put together of a  non-floral nature.  Of course, Friday will see another freebie.  Well, why not?

I am taking part in the Creative Crafting Blog Tour.  I have never ever done anything like this before which seemed a good reason for doing it now.  I will be hosting it on the 5th of August ('Please, please don't let me forget!' she whispers to her brain knowing how rubbish it is at keeping track of dates!)

There will be free charts, a giveaway and a competition!!!  There might even be some crafting if you are really, really lucky!

So pop on and say hi and see what I manage to get together.  You will be more than welcome xx

There are a few spaces left on this tour which seems to be good fun.  The details are on my side bar. 

Well, the sun is shining here..it really is so nice to actually have a summer isn't it!  And goodness knows it has been a long time coming!

So I will love you and leave you and look forwards to some stitching when it is too hot to go outside, which will be....erm...any time now!!!!


  1. Blog stop sound so much fun..
    I love it.
    Hugs x

  2. Sounds like fun, I'm in Jo's blog hop at serendipitous stitching.

  3. I love blog hops so I'll be looking forward to hopping around! We won't let you forget!! ((HUGS))


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