Sunday, July 21, 2013

Boo! And a Giveaway

All done! Five Halloween hangers/table toppers.

Camera as usual doesn't do them justice but I love them..especially this one!

The was the wonkiest of all the panels..and I was going to just give up, but!  As I looked at the pumpkins, I thought to myself...oooooeeerrrrr.  These guys have def. been out in the sun too long.  Not many branches between this family tree!

See what I mean??/

They are really creepy and I would hate to meet them on a dark night!  So it came to me that these guys needed was a crazy pumpking patch I chose fabric with mad squiggles AND made each border wonky.  The actual finished item is square (or rectangle) but the borders are a bit crazy.

And it was when I was making this that the whole quilting thing hit me.  This is what it is about. Having fun. Playing.  Using your imagination.  Stuff worrying about wonky bits: about what others would think about it.  It is about me having fun pure and simple and people who think I should take it seriously...well you do it your way and leave me alone to play!!!!!

They are all looking for a home where they can play with your halloween celebrations.  If you want one, pm me.  All donations go to the Irish Cancer Society.

Now, a final thing.  Do you remember when I made this?

Well this was designed by The Snowflower Diaries.  Lovely free designs.  The owner of her blog is now having a giveaway to feel free to pop over and have a look!

Right off to explore quilting as you go!!!!  Enjoy what is left of the weekend!


  1. You have done quite a good job on your quilting! Inspiring me to learn a new skill too. Maybe soon...

  2. Beautiful quilting..I love them.
    Big hugs c

  3. I love the Pumpkin quilt too! That pumpkin in the bottom right corner just has me LOL! You are exactly right, crafting is about being creative, having fun and challenging yourself.

    I think you did an excellent job with the finishing :)

  4. I love that you are having so much fun with the quilting! Something I would love to try one day.
    Love that sweet finish!

  5. Great Halloween themed quilting!! Love your little pinkeep finish too :)

  6. The pumpkin family are so funny, I love their expressions.

  7. Lol! Those pumpkins are hilarious! Great quilting job though! Love the Snowflower diaries designs. So pretty!


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