Saturday, June 8, 2013

Drumroll Please!!!

My Pink Key Charity Charts have been completed and finished!

The Pink Key Series consists of Hope, Love, Laugh and Live.

Each one has a pink key incorporated  because Hope is the key to finding cures and treatments.
Laughter and love are the keys to getting through the whole cancer process: and through all of it, is it important we live for today: The key to life is to live! Really live! Appreciate every good thing, no matter how small and make every day a day well lived! 

The charts were designed to be quick and simple and easy for you to personalise; each one is very personal to me but creativity is a gift so feel free to be as creative as you like. One or more or all charts can be emailed out in exchange for sponsorship funds (link HERE:  make sure it goes to my sponsorship and not the Irish Cancer Society direct or it won't count towards my total). 
There is no limit on how much you donate: the charts are given freely for any small amount.  Each penny or cent is very much appreciated and will go to a good cause. The charts are emailed out to you so you must let me know your email addy.

The charts are pink because I have/had breast cancer but whilst the key is a symbol for cancer to me, you can stitch them in any colour you wish and just stitch them for fun: they don't have to stand for anything!

There is no minimum donation: you can leave funds annonomously and just pm me to say which you would like. I would love to see photos of them when you have stitched them! 

Hope: finished as a pillow by myself.

Love: finished by Elisa: Thank you Elisa xx

Laugh: finished as a cute pinkeep hanger by the amazingly talented Elisa.

And last but not least, Live: finished as a gorgeous cushion, again by Elisa.

We have the first of the Simple Statement Pink Key Series.

Fight Like a Girl, stitch by Cath Willey.

I am starting a Just For Today series as well, which Cath is working on for me at the moment.

I am a Reiki Master and love that we live by spiritual (not to be mistaken for religion: it is religion-free) sayings which realise how difficult it is to live when we are consumed by fears for the future and what-ifs.

We live by the saying ' Just for Today'. E.g. Just for today, I will not anger.

Of course, we only ever live today if you think about it and this coincides with the mindfulness you are taught when you learn to cope with cancer.  Live today: don't worry about tomorrow: be in the present.
It is a philosophy I try to stick to otherwise the what-ifs leap up and bite you in the bum!
I also try to live in the moment simply because I try to fill each and every one and of course I appreciate every moment I get!

So..a sneak preview of Just for Today .......Live!

Sorry, it isn't great quality. There is a key, pink ribbons and of course my daisies.  It is very, very bright and cheerful.  Which brought a new lesson: when designing charts, look at the threads, the actual threads and not just the little squares on the computer.  Thank you Cath for your patience with me.  Cath has been a star and her comments and feedback led to a slightly different bird shape and a different blue being used. 

 At the moment I am designing with pencils and paper and then transfering it to a very basic programme which lets me print it out..if I am quick.  I haven't really worked out how to save it or if the program will even let me save.  If I continue I will buy a better programme (feel free to recommend one) but until I know it is what I want to do or if people want the charts, I think I will keep my feet on the ground!

I must say a huge, huge thank you to Elisa and Cath for being my model-stitchers.  They brought my babies to life and I am thrilled with the finishes.  Because they stitched them for me it took a lot of pressure off me as I now walk daily and of course need the time to play with the graph paper and then shout and swear a lot at the computer programme.....

Thank you ladies; you are so kind and I really, really do appreciate all you have done for me with your amazing stitching skills. 

Have a lovely weekend everyone and thank you for your comments and support.  They are very much appreciated.


  1. Lovely work by all. I do enjoy PINK!

  2. I love the way she has finished 'Love', beautiful

  3. Gaynor,
    They are all beautiful! What great ladies to do something for such a great cause! Thank You!

  4. Well done to the three of you, beautiful,stitching and finishing by Cath and Elisa. X

  5. Lovely designs and finishes.


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