Sunday, February 10, 2013

Some Finishes

Hi everyone,

I have one PIF volunteer (thank you Lany) but still need two more.  These are lovely things to do and they don't need to be huge: just something to make someone smile.  Any volunteers?  If not then I will add two people to my RAK list so I am sending out to three people as requested.

Well, I have some stitchy finishes!

First, some little Cross Stitch Project Tote Bags. Well, they are nearly finished: just need to add some buttons and lace and then they will be ready for exchanging in return for sponsorship.  If the donation is generous then I may even be persuaded to make a matching needle book...which I may well do anyway if the fingers begin to itch!

There is one pocket within the outside triangular flap, another two little mini pockets inside and of course a big pocket the size of the bag.  I really like them as they fit into my handbag.  They will hold folded fabric, small charts (as you can see) and a needle book.  The little pink one is cross stitches and the tourqouise ones have pin cushions on.

I could do A4 size for bigger charts and frames but they use a lot of material so they would have to be done to order.  My fabric is shrinking so for a little while I am going to have to use what I have sparingly.

I have a finish!
Finished it last night and I am really, really pleased with it.

The fabric looks much pinker than it actually is but I am thrilled I went with this choice.  I like to be different lol ;-)

I'm not sure when I will do the next one because I have put it in a 'safe place' and can't remember where...I don't have the budget for another just yet so will have to see if I can find it.  I still have plenty of other stuff to do.  My Needlework page for February and I want to get through some the charts I recieved for my Spring exchange and what people have been good enough to RAK me.

I also have fabric cut for two quilts.

One is the quilt along I am doing with Terri.  I use Jane's sweet white pocket bag to hold the squares for that one..and the other is one I just fancied.  I am changing all the colours and have no idea how it will work out so should be interesting!

I am still managing to feed my family on 50 euros a week: just as well as it has been an expensive month and I am on a fabric shop ban for the forseeable future.  That is ok though: necessity is the mother of invention: I find times like this force us to be even more creative.

I will be continuing my frugal blog as I just think there is a need for it at the moment.  Not many followers and few comments but so many emails.  I wonder why?  Is there a shame element to being broke  and counting pennies?   I hope not.  We crafters scrimp and save the oddest fabric remnnants and peices of coloured paper for making cards...I am simply applying crafting frugality to the rest of my life!

I have to bring it up: I can't resist.  I am assuming you are all aware of the debacle in regards to our food industry at the moment, with many beef products actually being produced from horse meat?  I am amazed by the trail our food takes and so far no less than five countries seem to have been implicated.  UK, Ireland, Poland, France and Romania.  Guess what my next Frugal post will be about?

Have a great week everyone and if you are unlucky enough to be in the huge snowstorms, please stay safe and warm xxx


  1. Great cross stitch finish! I love the pink fabric you chose. These little cross stitch project pouch are just so clever! Very pretty. Have a lovely day

  2. Times like this, I'm happy I don't eat meat, lol.
    Love your little bags, look just like envelopes.

  3. Your little bags look great! And the fabric you've chosen for the sew-along look wonderful! :0)

  4. Despite all your busyness you still had time to finish stitching a chart--good for you! Didn't hear about the meat thing, but will look it up, now that you have mentioned it. Been sick...again. But feel a little better today! Hugs!

  5. Love your Santa house finish! I am working on mine right now. I will email you again... No worries!

  6. I love reading about frugal crafting!!! I myself am trying to be a frugal blogger. I have a rule for myself that I don't buy it unless it's on sale or I have a coupon.

    If you still need someone to be a part of your PIF, I volunteer!

    Congrats on the finish!! I love your fabric choice!

    Those tote bags are adorable! I love using mine! :)


  7. your bags are so cool. I love the flabby you used:-)

  8. I love your tote bags. Great colors. Congrats on finishing Santas house. It turned out awesome.


  9. Wonderful post in so many ways.
    First the stitching. I love your pink choice for the Santa'a village. Your sewing project bags are fab.
    The frugal way is the best. I think we all find different ways of saving and I definitely need to be inspired to find more!

  10. Wonderful post in so many ways.
    First the stitching. I love your pink choice for the Santa'a village. Your sewing project bags are fab.
    The frugal way is the best. I think we all find different ways of saving and I definitely need to be inspired to find more!

  11. What does a PIF need to do? Are you still in the hunt for one? I don't mind lending a hand.

    I love your tote bags. They are colorful!

    Love your pink fabric on your Christmas finish!

    What cute quilt squares!

    No I hadn't heard about the meat. I wouldn't be surprised to learn every Country has/had tried doing this. Not like we hear the truth of anything anyway...Okay I will leave the subject alone... :)

    Have a wonderful stitching week!

  12. Wow! Those little travel pouches are adorable and perfect for small projects! You've been a busy gal. Love your Santa's Village and I like your fabric cuts for your next quilt. I always try to be thrify and often find great crafty things at my local SPCA Thrift store. They also don't mind bargaining with me which is great. You can find some great fabrics in the linen section. Sometimes I find really great old napkins and tablecloths that can be cut up and used, all for $5!! Um, haven't heard about the horse meat debacle! Ech! I try not to buy beef products anyways. If I'm going to eat beef, it will be the real stuff!

  13. Santas House looks fabulous, I love your fabric choice, i'm finding its taking longer to stitch than I thought it would... is that just me?

    Super project pockets.

  14. Those are great project bags and congratulations on your finish.

    I think there's no shame in counting your pennies! I remember when my Mum needed to afford something we ate a lot of eggs cause tehy're cheap!


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