Monday, February 18, 2013

Results: good and bad

What a week.  I am still waiting for my nuclear bone test results and sadly there are too many humms and ahhhs for me to feel comfortable that they will be clear.  If they are not clear then I will have uncurable cancer which will be a bit crap.  I have done everything I can to stop it coming back and spreading.  Eating healthily (so much cabbage I might as well be a caterpiller), green teas, antioxidants galore.  I have exercised and exercised and lost a shed of weight.  I am one pound off ten and a half stone.  After the last lot of treatment I was 11.5 stone so I am well within my healthy weight bracket now.

I never read up on my cancer before but I have now and I have learned that I am very high risk of it coming back within 2 years.  Bugger.

Still, no news is good news right? The waiting has altered the way I have to think.  I will be having a huge sort out and selling things which I won't be stitching or won't be stitching for a long while.  I will give myself three charts and that is it.  I panic at all the things I have and get stressed in case I won't get time to do them which is a downright silly I am going to take the pressure off myself and hopefully have a little bit of pocket money to take my children out with and make happy memories xx  I will put a page up with charts for sale sometime in the week.

That was the bad results (potentially):
There are good.

This is my first Stars Across the Prairy from Big Blocks, Easy Quilts....a book which has the most fabric wastful idea of making flying geese ever...but they were easy so I guess I have to weigh up the pros and cons lol.  One of two of the points are slightly out but I am pleased with my first ever triangle-containing quilt.

And I bought this and am going to make some trick or treat bags out of them to raise money for the walk which hopefully I will still be fit enough to go on!  I am planning I will be.

If you are waiting for things to be posted out by me, many apologies: it is hard to maintain any kind of normality with this hanging over my head and my concentration span is down to zilch..everything will be sent out by Weds this week: promise xx

I have my three people for my PIF: Lany, McKenna and Carolyn.  Thank you xxx When you recieve my goodies, please pass it on to three people through your blog xx

I will leave you with the following quote which is how I plan to live my life, however long that life may be.

'If the fear of cancer keeps you from moving forward, enjoying life, being with loved ones, laughing, then the cancer won, even if it never comes back. But if you reclaim your life, then even if the cancer comes back, it didn't win, because YOU, the PERSON, survived.'

Lisa Weissmann, M.D


  1. Awww please stay positive! Your result might not be bad news!!! Love the Halloween purchase, the bags will look fan-tas-tic :) Thinking of you xxx

  2. Sweet Halloween purchase ..stay positive dear friend
    Lots of love for you x

  3. I am keeping you in my thoughts that the results are positive.

    What a beautiful quilt. Bright and Cheery for spring time.

    that is some great fabric and will make cute Halloween bags.

    I am happy to be a part of the PIF. I promise to follow through.

    I love the quote!

    Hugs in Stitches.

  4. Love your quilt, it looks so fresh and reminds me that there is spring and summer somewhere in the future.

    Keeping my fingers crossed that the results won't be all bad. And also, uncurable need not mean you won't be able to enjoy life still for a long time if treated properly. So, stay as positive as you can and enjoy your life and family.

    Btw, good idea to declutter! I should do so, too!!


  5. You always seem to look on the brigh.t side of life,keep it up!!If you have received the giveaway and want to sell it on then please do not think I would be upset, whatever you want to do is fine by me.Take care sweetie and we are all praying for you.The little heart you sent was such a suprise and so pretty thankyou

  6. Keep your chin up! Potentially doesn't mean it's going to happen. Love your star blocks! :0)

  7. You are always in my thoughts and prayers dear. Think's not over 'til you win. Keep crafting, keep busy, and keep producing your beautiful hand made items. Most of all spend time with your loved ones. I will keep you in my prayers.....always.

  8. You are in my thoughts often. I have hope that you will get better than expected results. This journey you are on doesn't seem fair but I know you are touching lives while taking it.

  9. Sending you lots of prayers and hugs during this time. I'm glad that you are also doing everything you can to beat this and you will. Lovely quilt you made and just keep thinking positively! Hugs

  10. It must be so hard to keep positive. I agree with trying to not have too many items waiting to be done and adding to your stress levels. Building happy memories for you all is such a good idea. So much happiness comes from time spent being together.
    Hoping that your results are better than expected.
    Fabulous quilt, such beautiful work.
    Thinking of you and sending cyber hugs.
    Carol xx

  11. Hoping for good news for you.
    I think your quilt top looks fab. Well done .x

  12. I really admire how you can give all the crap you have to go through a big kick in the butt and live your life. Sending positive thoughts to get you through until all is well again xx.
    Your quilt is gorgeous.

  13. Love the Halloween fabric. That will make cute bags! I will keep you in my prayers for good results!

  14. Ola tudo bem?
    Gostei muito do seu Blog...

  15. Sending prayers and happy thoughts your way.


  16. I've been thinking of you all week, the waiting is the hard part. You've done really well with that quilt, the points are brilliant.

  17. Such a beautiful quilt, well done you. I could never achieve something like that,i do admire those who quilt.

    Sending lots of {{{hugs}}} totally useless throught this here screen, bit please know Gaynor that you are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Your positivity is so inspiring to others and you really do make a different to others lives through your blog and your openness and honesty and of course we have all learnt lots through your knowledge.

    much love xxxx

  18. Keeping you in my thoughts. You are an amazing woman!


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