Saturday, December 29, 2012

WIPocalypse Round Up

I would like to day a huge, huge thank you to Measi for starting the 2012 End of World Wipocalypse.  This was the first step in returning me to the stitching busom of Thank you.

So what did I get done?

Firstly the little Eeyore filled with fractionals and backstitch.

Secondly; Christmas Carols: this was stitched through all my chemotherapy treatments and hospital apointments.  Funnily enough I dont really like it now lol.

Then I stitched;

And that was it: I was away!!!

I stitched lots of other things which you can see in my 2012 finishes, and I did get a little more done on my final WIP which will remain a wip for 2013.
I completed one side: now I have the other to do and the swans and words at the bottom.

So really even though I didnt finish all my WIPs...the challenge was enough to stimulate my craftiness: and so a huge, huge thanks you Measi.
I won't be doing the 2013 one but that doesn't mean the craftyness will slow down.  The opposite in fact.

I have applied to do a 112 km sponsored walk to raise money for the Irish Cancer Society.  Not a lot of people realise that this society works with the UK and America to help fund research and funding and offers support to anyone going through a  journey with cancer.

I need to raise 3000 euros to go this walk which will take place either in June or October.  I really, really want to do it so I will be making things to sell to go towards the fund raising goal.

I will also be hoping for sponsorship donations but more about that nearer the time.

I have to pass the medical first lol!

I will leave you with some pictures of my husband's birthday which was yesterday.  I have told everyone I will not be cooking a single thing for the rest of the week lol!  The cake by the way is meant to be a squirrel.  My hubby asked for a squirrel for his birthday: this was the closest we could get!


  1. what is the name/designer of the nautical WIP you have a pic up of? I love your other finishes. Much peach in 2013.

  2. I love your work, it's amazing.

  3. Oh my, that squirrel cake looks yummy. I love Eeyore but hate fractionals. I do love to backstitch. Really makes the designs pop. I too, would like to know the name and designer of the WIP your working on.

    Happy New Year

  4. Think you deserve a week off, enjoy it while you can

  5. Another great family picture, along with that great spread of food! What did you cook? Besides the squirrel cake? Here's to a Happy, Healthy New Year kiddo! BIG Hugs!

  6. You had some great finishes indeed. I love the primitive hare between the strawberries, that's a cute little guy.

  7. A lovely family pic, everyone looks so Hapoy. I love the squirrel cake, very clever decorating.
    wishing you a very happy and healthy new year. Much lovevxxxx

  8. Lovely projects and great family pic!

  9. So pleased the world didn't end!

    The Christmas Carols piece is lovely but I can see why it reminds you of not-so-good times. Maybe you could donate it to the hospital either to raffle or decorate their wards at Christmas?


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