Monday, November 12, 2012

Grey, miserable and wet means PYJAMA DAY

Hi everyone.

Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my baked bean tins.  I just think it is so wonderful that we are all so broke now that we are having to use our imaginations to provide seasonal cheer. I wouldn't wish money concerns on anyone but my, it must be having an effect because you guys have been posting away in blog land and I have been reading but there have been so many posts I haven't had time to comment!  It is a blogging fest out there!

 It is almost a shame that we all had a stage in our lives where (compared to a lot of the world) we could just go out and buy things.  Minimum effort, minimum thought and no imagination.  One of the reasons we as a species are so successful is because we problem solve: we survive in environments we shouldn't because we can work out solutions to our difficulties.
At the moment I am classed as disabled and so am broke (but still wealthier than a lot of the world's population) but my goodness, has this issue really got the creative juices flowing.

My philosophy is that as long as the bills are paid, the kids are fed then we have everything to be grateful for. When you think over half of the world's human population is suffering from malnutrition, it puts things into perspective.

Well, it is wet and windy and horrible today: so today I am staying in my pjs.  I'm not being lazy, I have cooked a chicken and a ham and dusted and hoovered and taught son his English.  I just want to stay in my warm, cuddly dressing gown a little longer! And why not?

Did I say my creative juices were flowing: too right they are.

I have finished my 12 days of Christmas ornament exchange for Maggee and I will be posting it on Wednesday.  I truely believe taking part in this formed an important part of my healing process and each ornament evolved as a reaction to what was going on in my life medically: from nasty doctors who are incapable of reading a hospital letter and putting me in a very stressful situation to the final one which evolved from me being told to go away for six months.  The nearest you will ever get to a ' go home; we think you are clear' that you are going to get from your medical team!

I have loved it.  There are many things I have never tried before in this pile of parcels and I hope Maggee enjoys them.

I have also reached the conclusion that I hold on to stuff way to long ' just in case'.  I have loads of material ' just in case', evenweave stitching materials that are still in their packets because I won't use them ' just in case'.  No more.  What is the point of having it if I am not going to use it>

So, out came a jelly roll I have had for just ages and I found a lovely (free) pattern over at The Ludlow Quilting Site which even I could work out.

And this is the result.  I think it would have just taken me a few hours if I hadn't had to feed the kids, help son with homework (and reprimand him for leaving it till Sunday evening to do) was so easy and the good thing is that now I have the technique sorted out I can be more adventurous with my next ones.  This one just fits over my shoulder and I love the colours!

Even the lining was super easy.

This bag is so perfect: it wants me to take it somewhere hot and sunny and be worn on my shoulder with me wearing a white tee shirt and a pair of jeans and sunglasses.  I think I am going to have to do something to fulfill my  little bag's dreams.

I have also joined a yahoo small quilts group.  I'm not sure.  What is the public concensus on small quilts?  Are they as respectable as huge quilts?  Well, guess I will just have to make one and see.

One thing which has come out of the horrible year I have had is that I want to travel and see the world.  Not sure how we will manage it with chickens and ducks and geese and living in an old house, a traditional Irish house but I would love to see a bit more of the world.  I watched a film once where two women, both have crisis in their lives, swapped houses for a week.  I think Jude Law was in it.  I can't promise Jude Law (I can promise lots of Seamus Finnerties lol and other Irish farmers) but it might be something worth thinking about.  A taste of traditional Irish life for a week in my home in exchange for a week in someone elses house.  Just don't be going through  my knicker drawers!!!

Oh and one final note: my wool (or most of) for my knitted squares has arrived.  I am looking forwards to this but can't promise to wait until 2013 to start!  Now: must do some baking and then I want to do some stitching on my WIPopocalyps as I am very late with this months!  Have a great week everyone.


  1. Very sweet bag..
    Have a lovely day
    Hugs xxx

  2. I love the bag and you should fulfill its dreams.
    Ohh look at all those little gifts, someone is going to have just the the best time opening those. I am looking forward to seeing whats inside.
    Keep warm and cozy, everybody should have a PJ day now and again. xx

  3. Well done on the bag, the first one is always the hardest. Now you've got over the fear, you'll be making lots more.
    I saw you had joined small quilt talk, you'll enjoy the smaller quilts. They are a great way to learn new blocks, without having to buy a lot of fabric, just have fun

  4. I wish you were near me so you could teach me to make one of those bags! I was never taught to sew and I learn by seeing. Ah well.

    I missed the can post and caught up. What a lovely idea. I think we will do this!

  5. Great bag, definitely go for it to make those dreams come true.x

  6. Yeah for a positive outlook. Love the bag you made. You must take it on an outing.


  7. A lovely post.

    Your crafting skills have grown so much since your diagnosis, out of something bad came something truly wonderful for you and fabulous for us blog readers to watch develop. Your bag is stunning, I hope it's dreams are fulfilled.

    Lots of love.

  8. So THAT's what you can do with a jelly roll! I see them and think what??? Thanks for the link--that is a GREAT BAG!! I am still enjoying finishing of your Twelve ornies! See, just like you... I get interrupted to cook, clean, do laundry, etc... Hmpf! That is on the weekends! Toodles for now! Hugs!

  9. I love PJ days especially with fluffy dressing gowns and slippers.

  10. Your 12 days of Christmas looks like lots of fun! I know that you have made Magee's holiday season extra special.
    The tote bag is wonderful.
    I feel the same way about the travel thing :)

  11. What a lovely bag. Thanks for popping over & leaving a comment.

    I know the film you mean, the one with Cameron Diaz & Kate Winslett. enjoyed it, always like a happy ending.

    I think it's hitting the people who grew up having plenty harder to do without than those of us who grew up just after the war when we had very little. I've always been cautious waiting for the bubble to burst and it has. It doesn't do you any harm to go without, that's the Catholic in me always feeling guilty for enjoying things.

    Hope your cold & sore throat get better soon. I've had 2 colds this winter already, can't believe it normally don't even get 1!

    Take care of yourself!


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