Thursday, July 12, 2012

Feeling Arty

Hi everyone, how are you all doing.  I hope those of you in hot parts are managing to keep cool, and those of you in wet parts are managing to keep dry.

I've not had the best week.  There's been  some health issues, left overs from chemo and new things from Tamoxifen but I am getting there slowly and surely.

I spent all Tuesday in Galway Hospital.  My appointment was for 3.15 but I kind of hoped if I got there early they would see me early...but no go.  I finally got seen at 5.45.  Still, never mind.  The drs are amazing and even though they were so busy and very behind, they answered all my questions.  My bloods showed signs of breastcancer markers so I had another blood test today so they can compare it. If things are on my side, they will show the markers dropping.  If not, well I am not sure what that will mean but I am guessing it isnt good lol.

We got out about 6.30 and I decided I needed to see the off we went.  It always seems to be sunny in Galway, unlike where I live where it always seems to be raining lol.

 Sooo good getting some fresh air even if it meant it was 9.30 pm before we got home. Oh my, are they my thighs????  Oh oh...gonna have to do something about that methinks!

I have started to sort the house out and get it right decoration wise.  My bedroom was burgandy and cream but when I got ill I changed it to Aqua and White....could I find any pictures to match?  No. So I made my own

 I took the photos quite late so the colours dont really show up as they are but I was really pleased with them.  I will take a photo of them on my wall and you will see it in the right perspective hopefully.

They look a lot better in real life...they took a few hours in acryllic on canvas.  I'm no artist but I think they will go ok in the bedroom.
I have even done some boat is finished (well, not the back stitch but that can wait until the end)

I will get more done now I am starting to feel a bit better.

I have been doing a lot of prep for things: kitted out a few kits, cut out material for quilting..and so on.  When you dont feel right though it is hard to make yourself do anything.  Oh, I know....I have been reading.
Unfortunately I've run out of books to read now but I am working quite nicely to my target of 100 books this year.

And talking of books, when I was around 8 years old, I had over 700 books.  I learned to read at a very early age and was a prolific reader (probably because I had four brothers and needed to escape).  One day I got home from school and my mother had given away loads of my books.  She never  asked me if this was ok. I had bought most of the books out of christmas money and birthday money and this injustice has remained with me ever since.  I am sad enough to know exactly what books she got rid of.
And I have been getting them back.

At first it was by lucky coincidence: The Faraway Tree series were great for my own kids. A second edition of the Jungle Book just came my way and how could I resist?  The Witch's Daughter was just sitting on a shelf in the charity shop and had to come to a good home.  Bambi, Bambi's Children one and two were perfect for my children also...once I had read them ;-)

Since my illness however I am trying to collect them all: Enid Blyton books, Silver Brumby Series and many many more.  I had ALL of Enid Blytons books...and loved them.  And they were all given away.  I'm not sure why I want to get them but I think it's partly because I want to share a part of my life with my own children and partly because the books make me feel safe.  They are a nice place in which to escape and remind me of my own childhood when I never, ever thought of not being alive. Weird or what lol.

Or they were just extremely good books.  You will see from my reading list if I get them all!
Have a good week everyone xx


  1. So sorry to hear about the not feeling good from the chemo. My mom went through breast cancer treatment 2 years ago. She would have her chemo and feel bad, when she started feeling go, it was time to go back for another round of chemo. Prayers going out to you on the blood work.
    I love those pictures you painted! They are so pretty and refreshing!
    Sorry to hear about your books being gave away. I understand about the comfort in them. I love to curl up and read a good book that takes me to another place.. Take Care of yourself...

  2. Those paintings look good, you'll have to start doing some for the other rooms of the house

  3. I hope that you are feeling better soon!
    The paintings look great!

  4. Well done on the paintings!!! You can stitch AAAND paint?!?? WOW!

    Hope you feel better soon!!

  5. Ha ha ha...... Welcome to the Agatha Raisin appreciation society, they are great. I've almost finished The Vicious Vet, she is so funny and I can so relate to her. I would have been on the sink trying to change the lightbulb!

    Super pictures,I bet they look so beautiful on our bedroom wall.

    Sun, sea and family, what could be more perfect.
    much love, Julie x

  6. I am so with you on the books!!! My mom kept mine and I am able to share them with my boys on top of building their own libraries. I may say no to a toy, but rarely to a book!
    Your paintings are wonderful!! You are a talented lady.
    Sending many prayers and good thoughts your way. There is something about the sea that can be so healing, isn't there? Hugs!

  7. Hope your blood tests worked out well for you.
    I share your love for books, I could never see them given away. My mother did the same as yours, only it was when I was much older and no longer very likely to produce children to pass them on to. Now I re-collect some of them because reading them gives me the comfy feeling of when all was well with the world (and my life).
    Your paintings are fab, which I had your talent. They will certainly brighten up your room and the weather, too, if it's as bad in your place as in mine.


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