Saturday, May 5, 2012

WIPocolypse and a Finish, that time already.
Well, I have not done much on my WIP list but I did have a finish earlier in the month.
I never stitch things twice but this will be an exception I think.  I love the elgance of this and I get to use my hand dyed threads from my stash.

I have been sooooo busy today.  I gave up work last week and have been weighing up my options and direction.  When I think,  I like to bake so I have made lots of cakes and blueberry muffins for packed lunches.  Muffins always seem to freeze well so that is the freezer stocked up lol. I am still not sure about work or direction but boy do I make good cakes!!!

I also have another finish to show.  This was a pleasure to stitch and I had to try this out after seeing so many out there in blogland.


 Of course, here in craft starved Southern Ireland I have been completely unable to find any wooden boxes or even plain boxes.  I found a supplier online but they don't post here..typical!

Wondering around Galway's shops whilst living at the lodge, I found a shop with lots of patterned cardboard boxes and well, I just couldn't resist.

This is a Sampler Girl Freebie stitched on white evenweave with Weeks Dye Works Ivy and Crepe Myrtal.  I know..the light sucks but that is cloudy Ireland for you!

I also got around to framing my Examplar Sampler...I cheated and used a glue gun.  Guess what?  It turns out I can do even more damage with heat guns than I do with normal fabric glue.  Good thing I do not like my old carpet anyway.....will have to get the hang of the glue gun before I get a new one though!  That or remember to put a mat under where I am working.  I mean to but I get so excited and driven to achieve and finish and just get it done!

I just want to shout out about great service that I had from two retailers this week.  We often hear about it when things go wrong but I want to say how things have gone right.

I ordered some frames and threads from Sew and So and paid for two day delivery.  Unfortunately it all went horribly wrong on this side and my deliver got lost and then delayed and every time I phoned they had another reason: no phone number, the wrong phone number etc etc.  I want to thank Sew and So for sorting it out for me and doing the leg work and making sure my stuff got to me safetly.

I also want to thank Down Sunshine Lane.  I have ordered some charts from them and explained I was unable to work out the fabric for one of them: remnents of chemo brain.  Bless them, they have done it all for me and I am looking forwards to seeing what they chose for me!

So, not a bad end to the week.

I am going to try to stitch on some of my larger peices next week but I am really getting into doing these smalls as well.  So much to stitch, so little time lol.

Have a great weekend everyone and don't forget....if you would like to be put on my RAK list, read the previous post and send me your details!  Adios!


  1. I have always loved sewandso, they have always been brilliant. Downsunshinelane has been one of my fav USA sites for years. Their service has always been brilliant too.

  2. Pretty finishes!!
    I love the small satisfaction between the larger ones.
    I'm sure and hope everything gets to you safe and sound

  3. Cute little finishes...they do give you some fun and satisfaction while plugging through the larger projects. And you're right about your bird.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Be well...


  4. Congrats on the finishes. They turned out great. You did a good job.


  5. Wonderful stitches and finishes!!

  6. You finished the box beautifully, the ric rac really ties it all in together. I use Sew and So a lot, they have great customer service.
    Enjoy your stitching

  7. The gold pillow is stunning. The box too is fabulous, so pretty, the ric rac is superb.

  8. Beautiful finishes, congratulations and I'm glad to hear your stash arrived eventually.

  9. Wonderful finishes! I can see why you are going to stitch the one more than once.
    The box finishing looks great too. It is always wonderful to have another type of finishing in your arsenal.
    So glad that you had some good experiences acquiring new stash.
    Have a great week!

  10. Hello!!! Finally back to responding to blogposts! And yours was spectacular! I believe you are the FIRST to do a finish on a box that was patterned, and it is a GREAT finish! EXcellent! I will be checking out that type box now, for possibilities... And I think you showing the bird pattern twice is a sign to me to stitch it!! I do love it! Thanks for sharing! I am sure you will find the perfect opportunity for working... just give yourself some time, if you can! Hugs!

  11. Lovely pillow finish and the box turned out fabulous!

    I am always impressed by they are very helpful and I always order from them.

  12. The fabric you picked for the pillow is perfect for it.

  13. Lovely to read your blog and that you're stitching more than ever.. you obviously are feeling a lot happier, or you're very good at hiding how you feel.
    Loved reading back and saw your pic, so thats what you look like!!LOL
    Lovely finishes and laughed at the glue gun, one of those caused the biggest blister I have ever had and I was in school so I had to pretend it was fine as I dashed for the painitng area sink and cold water with 28 children looking on!!LO
    Your name is in my prayers every night,, be happy
    Chris xx
    PS Thank you for your comments, you're so kind.


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