Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ornie Organza

Well, yesterday was not brilliant...I had a morning of feeling very sorry for myself.  I managed to drag this ol' body of mine to the gym which was great.  There is nothing like a bit of exercise for blowing away the cobwebs and lingering dust cloud of self-pity.

I sat down in the afternoon and watched the Wizard of Oz.  Not my favourite movie I have to say but there is something comforting about watching movies associated with our childhood...a bit like comfort food but less calories.

As I sat the fingers got twitchy and so I had a quick scan through blogs (see, back to multi-tasking..I love being a woman!) and found a lovely little freebie over on istitchaholic's blog.  I stitched it on some white evenweave with a hand dyed thread called Moonshadow.

Of course I can't remember the actual type of fabric: I always mean too when I buy it but never do and I lost the tag for the thread in the tidying up process once finished...which is the norm for me as well.

Then I thought I would like to do a christmas ornie but it was such a nice, sunny day I could not bring myself to use xmas colours.  Strange I know, but humour me!

This is a section from a Blue Ribbon Sampler....I love the colours and it looks even better in ' real life' lol.

So I then figure (by now we are at the ' I am melting!'' stage of the movie) that while the glue and fabric is all out and I have trashed the living room floor, I might as well finish the little xmas sheep I stitched at the beginning of the year.

The last of the Week's dyes green felt has been used up now.  I think I might invest in a patterned rotary cutter for cutting felt.  I really stress out over straight lines and it is almost impossible to get 100% straight lines with pinking shears..though I did get 99% so I guess I am happy with that.  Do you use rotary cutters?  Can you recommend a supplier?

Last night I booked a holiday. I really, really want to go somewhere hot and warm and on the mediteranian but I am now officially unemployed.  Yes, I have given my center over to my new charity, Castlerea Cancer Care.  I should have given up when I got my diagnosis but being stubborn and having superwoman-syndrome I kept it, paid out a lot of money every month on insurance and electric but took nothing in as I was not fit for work.  I am too tired to fight it anymore and I would have to start from scratch to get it up and working again after having 6 months out.  I need to get over the treatment process so I did the sensible thing and have given it up.  

I can always go back to it but I digress; the Med is out, so we have booked a week in Caister, Norfolk.  Luckily here in Ireland they get 3 months off for summer holidays so we are going before the UK breaks up which keeps the costs down.  Also, I come from Norfolk and have family there so we know it well and do not have to do the expensive touristy things.  It will be great to go back and make some memories with my children...and I am really looking forwards to PROPER fish and chips!

I had some 'magic money' in the form of a refund of the fuel I have spent going to the hospital and back so a holiday it is.  We are staying on a well known caravan site so there are lots of activities and I love caravans...they are like little mini houses and for some reason they are just the best.  I think in a past life I might have been a gypsy!  I love horses and have moved house 41 times.  I joke with my hubby that when the kids leave home I will sell up and buy a camper van and see the world, spending their inheritance.  I have learned not to plan ahead now.  I just daren' we will do what we can now and enjoy every moment.

Now; what to stitch.  I really should start the new Papillion SAL but goodness, it looks scary!

Have a great weekend everyone..needles at the ready!!!! 


  1. You have been busy, the love one is very pretty. It will be nice for you to go back "home", I love showing the children places I used to visit

  2. I love your ornaments the finishes are great. Well done.
    Ohh you are so bad, I do miss Fish and Chips the proper ones.
    If you ever get to Dublin there are a few Harry Ramsdens up there, their Fish and Chips are the real thing, yummy!!!
    I have a couple of rotary cutters, not expensive ones, I got mine from Cork Art supplies, can be ordered online, one has a wiggly blade and cuts a little like pinking shears, the other has a straight blade, they are great for cutting straight lines, if you have a good ruler, just keep your fingers well out of the way, they are wicked sharp, they cut material and felt much easier than scissors, well I think so.

  3. Gorgeous ornies ,especially the alternative christmas one .
    Enjoy your holiday , you deserve a nice break .X

  4. Your finishes look great! I love the Love, lol. Good for you, planning your vacation to make lasting memories. That's something no cancer can take away, thank Goodness.

  5. Your ornaments are gorgeous I especially like the organza one.

  6. Super ornaments, they look wonderful.
    I love Norfolk, been to Caister many times, I'll be sending a word to the weatherman for some nice sunshine whilst you are over here in England.
    Much love xxx

  7. HI there! Love the blue ornies!! Finishes look fabulous! I have missed blogging! Will catch up soon! Hugs!

  8. You have been busy.. love your creations.A wonderful holiday sounds like a good thing to do. One thing that is important in life is enjoying every day. Hugs

  9. Wonderful finishes!
    It sounds like you have a great trip planned.

  10. Lovely ornament finishes! Great Job! Enjoy your vacation, sounds like fun.
    Happy stitching


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