Sunday, March 25, 2018

Spring time!

We've had two days of sunshine. Two whole days and it's wonderful. I just hope this isn't our summer!

 My pretty Camellia is in flower, as are the daffs. Only in the polytunnel however. It's still too cold outside!  I've further down the valley and for some reason this means my plants always come out later than everyone else's BUT my planting summer goes on until October sometimes.

I've a little bear cub visiting soon so I'm going to try and finish this for her birthday in April. She will be 3! Can you believe how quickly this has gone?  And I'm still here!  Amazing (though some days are better than others!)  

I had some cotton yarn left over from the free workshops I gave so I've decided to make a load of washcloths.  When I'm tired I can just lie and crochet and not think too much.

I've done a few more paintings; still trying to work out the technique.  The long dark painting actually has lots of hues of lilac and green with some golden highlights.  It's for my daughter.  The photo is terrible but once it is varnished, those colours should shine through.  The colours were chosen to order so I'm pleased that I did at least get those right!

Once this one has cured I think I'm going to paint and embellish it for my granddaughter. Anyone else see the potential white pirate dog?  haha...  I still have a lot to learn but I rushed these.  I knew I should have waited until I felt better but did I wait?  No.  Sigh.

I've had a streak of creativity and have a new design which will be a freebie.  I will put the link to it in the next post.  Holmsey wanted to play in sunshine before it disappeared again!

Happy Stitching!


  1. Wow you have a lot of plates spinning at the moment! I live the paintings especially the one for your daughter, the colours are stunning and yes I can see the pirate dog! Your garden is looking lovely.
    I find those Dimensions kits tricky and I think an April finish is a tall order but if anyone can it's you!

  2. Yes, I do see the emerging Pirate Dog! You are a dynamo...creating Beautiful things all the time! It is hard to believe she will be 3 this next month! So GLAD you are still contribute so much! Kisses and Hugs!

  3. I see the pirate dog, too--so cool!! I hope your sunny warm days continue and you enjoy your visit from your sweet granddaughter, Gaynor! Wishing you a blessed Easter!

  4. I totally see the pirate dog - and I'm really enjoying the colours of that piece! I hope the sunny days continue, and you manage to finish the piece for your granddaughter x

  5. It's definitely there, the white pirate dog :)))
    Your little granddaughter will be thrilled with the snowman you are stitching for her.
    Enjoy the sunshine and have a nice Easter holiday.

  6. Your camellia is looking pretty.
    Yes, I can see the pirate dog.
    love and {hugs} xx

  7. Spring keeps teasing us here...for every warm day, there is a cold, wet and/or generally miserable one! I hope the weather is treating you better.
    You paintings look great - I definitely see the pirate dog, and the other one looks like butterflies from a distance!


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