Saturday, October 21, 2017

Busy Busy!

What a week!

Rushed to A and E
A and E lost power
When power returned it was to reveal the guy behind us, somewhat worse for wear, had stripped off!
There was no Dr McDreamy but the staff did their best.
'Crowded' is an understatement and the poor Drs and nurses were swamped.  They have to do 13 hour shifts. Disgusting.
I used my powers of persuasion and was allowed back home. We got back at 3 am.   Boy, do I know how to party!

Despite all this excitement, there has been crafting galore!

First of all, I would like to thank Michelle (Blogger's own 'Mouse') for sharing this photo of her two different 'Holmsey's Halloween' chart.

Thank you Mouse. They are perfect and I love the way you have finished them.

Holmsey's Winter Wonderland is finished! I know..bad, bad designer.  Fancy not stitching my own work!

The light is terrible so it's hard to get a decent photo. The fabric is from Chromatic Alchemy.

I finished part two of the Spicier Life CAL.  I love taking part in this CAL.  I'm really enjoying it!

I decided to work on a new Holmsey chart and found a couple of charts that I forgot I had designed!

Do you remember these?

Pumpkin Party

Festival of Spiders


Well, there is another in the series that I forgot about.  A Murder of Crows.  Each design has one speciality stitch and is in full cross stitches.   The two new ones are now released.  Phew!

And our next wizard has been released!  Augustus Windforce.  You can find him and his friends on the 'free chart' tab.

I also made another nappy cake. This time I used 'nappy wheels' and turned baby muslin clothes into roses.  I was quite pleased with the effect.  I donated it to the hospice shop.

After surviving our non-hurricane and now Storm B, I guess I'm going to hunker down to do some more crochet or maybe cross stitch, or maybe make a new nappy cake, or do another design.  Hmmmmm.  Decisions, decisions.  Actually, I'll have a cup of hot chocolate and sit by the for fire for a while first.  Important decisions like this should never be rushed!

Have a great week everyone and if you are in an area of bad weather, stay safe and stay warm!


  1. Holmsey's Winter Wonderland is positively wonderful on this fabric! I really like your nappy cake! :D

  2. Good grief, sounds like you've had a bit of an intense week. I love all the crafty things in this post. One of our friends bought us a nappy cake and it was one of the most useful things we received... yours looks really lovely. And the Winter Wonderland looks beautiful...I'm starting to feel more wintery as the weather seems to have turned in the last few days.
    Hope next week is a bit less chaotic!

  3. ooooo I am Fame mouse ... glad you enjoyed what I did with your lovely chart :) love the nappy cakes and is there any hot chocolate left ??? love mouse xxxxx

  4. Busy is quite an understatement! Hope you are feeling better, after that non-visit to the A & E. Christmas Wonderland is wonderful! And I really look forward to seeing how the CAL looks... so far, it is beautiful! You have made many fun designs over the years. Hugs!

  5. THere has been a lot going on for you from the sounds of it, and I'm glad that it sounds like the good new won out in the end. Love your colours on the Spices-CAL!

  6. Fabulous nappy cake, lucky new mum who gets that.
    Loving the crochet-a-long project, so bright and colourful.
    Sending love and {hugs} xx

  7. Sounds like a very busy week! Hope you are feeling better after your eventful A&E trip. Love the CAL pattern and colours x

  8. You have been sooo busy. Christmas Wonderland looks absolutely great. And I love Mouse's two versions of Holmsey's Halloween. Such a nappy cake is so very special. Great post!


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