Monday, May 8, 2017

Stitching! Yay!!!!

I can finally share some stitching!

This is part one of M'Lady's Sweet Greenhouse SAL, Part 1, available from

It's been a really stressful time with a lot of things going on, and the stress was even affecting M'Lady's staff!

M'Lady's cook was out in the garden, picking some early fruit for pies. She was keen to keep out of the way of the other staff and of course out of the way of M'lady.

M'Lady was feeling anxious and when she felt anxious, everybody knew about it!

While not an unpleasant employer, when she was upset, she would pace up and down and would call out "When were the chimneys last cleaned?" and "When did Daisy polish the silverware?" putting all the staff on edge!

All of these tasks were completed according to a schedule developed long before M'Lady's father had passed away, leaving her in charge, but as I said, she was feeling anxious! And when her mind felt ill at ease, she tended to try to distract herself by finding work for others!

And why was she so fraught?

Well, because her special cross stitch sal 'M'Lady's Sweet Greenhouse' was released!

She was incredibly worried that no one will like it. Her greenhouse is very special to her, and it means a lot to have people's approval!

I have to admit; new releases do tend to cause a little apprehension where all are concerned.

Cook sighed as she heard Daisy, M'Lady's maid sobbing in the kitchen. Daisy was a sweet young thing. She didn't have a lot of common sense and was far too sensitive for her own good but she would, in time, make a wonderful housekeeper. That's if Cook could stop her making eyes at the garden boy!

Poor old cook picked up her basket of fruit and made her way back. She would have to sort it all out just as she used to when M'lady was a very little girl. 

M'Lady would often sneak downstairs to the kitchen if she'd been in trouble for skimming her knees or had been caught by her mama, sliding down the bannisters. Only now, instead of giving her jam tarts, cook would be making chamomile tea. Lots and lots of chamomile tea!


  1. M'Lady's Greenhouse looks like it's going to be a very sweet finish. I really like that shade of green and lavender that have popped onto the fabric.

  2. Part one looks lovely, Gaynor--such pretty colors you've chosen. Looking forward to it grow :)

  3. Wow it's looking so pretty
    I love it
    Hugs and smiles x

  4. The colours are so very pretty on that gorgeous fabric. I do hope M'Lady can sit back and enjoy all the admiration for her beautiful greenhouse!

  5. This looks like an interesting piece...will watch with interest.

  6. Love the Greenhouse! Look forward to seeing what comes next!

  7. I love the greenhouse, and I suspect that as soon as the next part comes out, I will no longer be able to resist...

  8. Here's to lots of lovely blooms in M'ladys greenhouse.

  9. M'day's greenhouse looks beautiful so far - I can't wait to see more x

  10. This looks pretty already. Reminds me of wisteria.

  11. I really don't need a new SAL...but knowing myself and your great designs, I'll probably get it anyway as soon as I see the first part or two haha :D



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