Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Nearly but not quite....

Af'noon!  How are you today?

Well, I set goals and I nearly but not quite managed them.

I stitched on Jacques Rest but not enough to share.

I didn't finish the next witch story but it's sitting in my head quite happily waiting to come out to play.

I did start a new project for the Hospice charity event.  I re-started this pretty little cup cake blanket because I forgot what crochet hook size I'd been using and I just couldn't get my tension to match up. It's all good though.  The second is much nicer than the first and it's such an easy pattern to follow. It's a real joy to work on.

I also managed to finish Alyssia's cardigan.  My mum sent the prettiest pearlescent buttons but the photo doesn't really show how pretty they are.

I really, really hate doing separate sleeves and attaching them.  I know there must be a pattern somewhere for crochet cardigans which are all in one. Darned if I can find one though.

I've also done one design, well two actually but the second is going to be a freebie with the first and I can't share it yet. I'll start model stitching it today

M'Lady does like a little sea bathing, though poor Daisy, her maid, has to get her in and out of her  swimming costume, poor wee thing.  Modesty must always be preserved though and one does not show even an ankle if one can help it!

What else: hmm, well, I've done a lot in the garden and...oh yes!  I didn't have a birthday this year. Instead I went to a wedding. It was the best wedding EVER.  The bride is from the USA, the groom is a plastic paddy (Irish but brought up in the UK) and they decided to get married..with just two witnesses.  Me and my husband!  When they go to visit their respective families they are going to have parties but this was easier than shipping two families over and I have to say, it was the nicest wedding I think I've ever been to other than my own. Small is best. 

When I married my husband, we had just our children, parents and siblings and it really was wonderful. This too was amazing because the bride and groom just oozed love.  My car (also called Daisy) was our gift to them for the day along with the photos which my son and I took. My son is an amazing photographer. He was really professional and I was so proud of him. He's only 16!

I can't share any of the happy couple because I forget to ask their permission and tis just polite to ask.
My hubby looks quite scruffy but he put days of work into the car!  It was so hot and he had to take his shirt out.  Honestly, we are actually having a summer! Yipee!

Right, goals for this week.

1. Stitch on Jacques Rest
2. Crochet the cup cake baby blanket
3. Finish stitching the new design.

I actually have a week off from treatment this week (after tonight's tablet) so I'm looking forwards to feeling a bit 'normal', or as normal as I can get!

Happy stitching and thank you for reading xxx


  1. I am so impressed by YOU Gaynor! What an inspiration you are. You two look GREAT!

  2. Oh I LOVE the picture of you two!! What a delightful couple you guys make! Sea Bathing is going to be a Hit! Loving the cupcake baby blanket. Almost makes me want to learn to crochet...... nahhhh! Have enough to keep me occupied! Little Alyssia should have a really nice collection of sweaters from you... I hope she doesn't grow out of them too quickly! Love & Hugs!

  3. LOL , I nearly wet myself with the plastic paddy comment. Glad you had a fab day , and you both looked wonderful .xxx

  4. Looks like you had a great week and got a lot done! And how special to be a part of such an intimate wedding, it must have been a lovely day.

  5. How wonderful that wedding sounds! And I learned a new term--plastic paddy :)

    The little cardigan is so adorable--the buttons do finish it off perfectly. I hope your week without treatment gives you renewed energy (although your energy level seems to be amazing based on this post!).

  6. The cardi is so pretty and the blanket loos so soft. Love the new design. I have a thing for beach huts! the wedding sounded lovely and so special to be part of.

  7. A pretty bouquet the bride held, what an honour to bear witness to the special and intimate ceremony. A lovely picture of the 2nd happy couple on the day. xx

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