Thursday, February 9, 2017

Sharing the Love

Oh happy days!

How are you all?  I hope you are all well and busy crafting (imagine whip cracking sound effect about now, if you please!)

I've been oh so busy.  I've been on a bear hunt..aka visiting Granddaughter and daughter in the UK.  We managed to fit a lot in over just four days but now I'm shattered...not too shattered to share a little freebie chart with you all though!

This is a gift from Holmsey: Bee Mine.  You can find the chart on my 'free charts' page on the top tab of the blog!

Bee Mine

My etsy shop will be closing on the 1st of March which I do feel a bit sad about, so the freebie was to cheer me up.  I have the next round of scans in the next few weeks and I know my health is deteriorating so it was best to get it sorted.

So, on a brighter note, what did we get up to in the Uk?

Well, first we took Alyssia for her very first, grown-up, correctly measured pair of shoes!

Shoes and a pair of bunny slippers...though we have told her they are cats.  Well, you try making a rabbit noise!  Meow is just fine.  She was so good and well behaved.

Next, wearing new shoes, it was time to break them in.  They aren't proper shoes until they have been covered in sand and sea! So it was off to the beach with us!

Next we decided to visit Hadrian's Wall.

The Roman baths at the fort.

These were Roman houses for soldiers.  The long pit running along them was for drainage.  The soldier's horses would be tethered here and their pee would drain away.  They were very clever really.
 2000 year old toilets haha...loved their drainage solutions. We could learn a lot from the Romans!
The little arches at the top of the photo are changing room lockers.  This was part of the Roman baths. Hot water and everything!

Alyssia actually enjoyed the museum.  We talked about everything in there, and she babbled back in return, and again, she was so well behaved.  She was a real pleasure to take out.

The whole area is just so beautiful.  You can't really see it clearly here but there is a heron on the water, top centre.

Next day, hubby and I visited Alnwick Castle. The castle itself was closed but the tree-house restaurant and gardens were open.

This is Sleeping Beauty's gate.  There are wrought iron roses and thorns and the flower heads are blue and clear glass.

This is Alnwick Castle from the road. It's lived in and in the summer you can look around.
And the day after that, we found more many in fact, I can't even remember what they are called.  So rather than bore you will castles, I'll just add a couple more photos.

I  have got some crafty finishes but I need to wait until the Gifted Gorgeous post to share them with you.

Until then, happy stitching! xxxx


  1. Thank you for the lovely chart.
    I did enjoy my virtual tour of Northumberland. The other castle looks like maybe Warkworth?

  2. I am glad you are spending lots of time with your little granddaughter. Love that age, when everything is a wonder to them! So many gorgeous castles! Wow! To be around so much history! You are in my thoughts and prayers always! Hugs!

  3. Wonderful pics! Thank you for the super cute freebie :)

  4. Oh G, Alyssia is beyond gorgeous and getting so big! It was just yesterday she was a little bundle in your arms...and those curls <3. I'm so happy that you got to spend so much time with her.
    The castles are gorgeous, and take my breath away, especially sowing from a country where all of my "historical" dwellings are so young in comparison...thank you for sharing. I loved seeing you among those pics sweetheart...your beautiful spirit shining through.
    Thanks for the wonderful's on my stitchy up list for the weekend and I'll share it on my blog on monday.
    I know that you are sad about the shop, but think of all of the wonderful designs that we have all stitched up thanks to your artistry.
    Hugs please take it easy and rest.

  5. A first pair of measured shoes, a milestone in a little ones life. I bet they had a good workout along the beach.
    Lovely pics of Alnwick, somewhere Dh would like to visit and see the waterfall.
    Love and {hugs}

  6. Love the little freebie, thank you. Sounds like the perfect trip!

  7. It looks like you had a wonderful time making memories, wonderful pictures!

  8. What a cute pattern, thanks so much for sharing this! It sounds like you had a great time with your girls :)

  9. What a lovely visit - thanks for sharing your pictures! x

  10. I do love a good castle! We have so many wonderful ones here.
    First shoes is very special too. Clarks take a photo and put it in a special card for you.

  11. That truly is good news! I'm sure your carers appreciated a copy of your book, it must be very motivating for them to see what their hard work has meant for you.



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