Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Reflections and New Beginnings

How are you all?  Did you have a good Christmas?  I hope so.  I had a lovely time once ground rules were in place: everyone helps out or there is no Christmas...and indeed everyone  willingly helped out and I'm sure that the positive attitude my family showed when tidying, cleaning, prepping and cooking helped this to be the BEST Christmas ever. 

I got some lovely gifts BUT what made it special, really special, was that all three of my kids were under my roof for Christmas for the first time in years.

It was amazing, and of course the presence of my granddaughter made it even better. She was so well behaved.  A really easy child to look after.

I'm allowed to share some photos (normally my daughter says no because anyone can look at blogs, but this time she is happy to say yes).

Normally the kids take turns to put the star on the tree. This year we did it a bit differently.  Granny and Alyssia put the star up together......A new tradition which hopefully she can carry on for me.

Until we realised it was a three-person job! 

She's a very special little girl, and definitely a granddad's girl! She adores him!

We wanted a low key Christmas this year: one where gifts were thoughtful and small.  I had absolutely no idea what my husband was getting me, no matter how I guessed.

On Christmas eve, when we opened our gifts to each other (a tradition from when the children were little, we would open ours and then Christmas day was spent concentrating on the children and their presents), I finally got to find out my gift was from him.

Steve had taken my original Holmsey illustration and had it professionally framed.  He also did the same to the photo of he and I standing with Santa, and a photo of us with our two younger children when I was pregnant with our third.

I cried and cried at his thoughtfulness  I'd given up finding a frame for Holmsey and I'm sad to say I didn't even realise he was missing while he was at the framers!  He now has pride of place over my fireplace.

I got my husband a car cover professionally made for one of his classic cars. Apparently I was just as thoughtful but I can't see it myself. I guess it's a car thing!

While granddad was being adored, I crocheted.  The little red and white poncho I made for her is a little too big so I made her a green one with a white flower. She really liked the flower!

I've got a stitchy start and a crochet start to share with you. I was hoping to get the stitching start finished in time for Christmas but who can stitch when there are cuddles and laughs to be had from cute little grandchildren?

A Tatty Ted being stitched for...guess who?  The chart was a gift from a fb friend, Bethan. Thank you Bethan!

I also started this cardigan for er...well, you know who!  It's in four ply and the little flowers form the bottom of it.  I think this is going to take a while so will probably start some dk crochet as well.

Which brings me nicely to crafting plans for 2017.

I've done so much while being on blogger.  I've been blogging for 8 years: 2 on my original blog and 6 on this.

In that time I've set up BAP blogs for those huge designs that we all need a little help to get finished. I've run giveaways, sals, and raks.  I've stitched from stash long before it was fashionable (because I lost my job when I first moved here and was frankly broke...not a lot changes haha) and become a designer.

Now I'm going back to being just a crafter. 

And I would love to play a more inclusive role within our blogging community. I'd love to be part of a group doing something crafty but I'm worried about doing anything long term for obvious reasons. I'd hate to let people down if my disease progresses faster than we hope. 

So, any ideas?  Is there anything out there I can join in with?  I'm happy to stitch other designer's work (not LHN or CCN for personal reasons) and if there is anything going on that isn't a year long, e.g. released every month up to xmas, I would happily consider it. I mean, if you are stitching a certain design and would like others to stitch it alongside you, then please let me know.

I look forwards to hearing all your suggestions and if I'm not back before, have a Wonderful, Happy and Safe New Year!


  1. She is gorgeous. Such beautiful hair. No wonder you want lots of cuddles.

  2. Just look at your beautiful granddaughter! Oh what a sweet poncho. :D Your gifts to each other are so very special Gaynor.

  3. Where does she get that curly dark hair!! It is so cute! She is a darling! You and your husband are in sync (no pun intended...)with the gifting! How perfect! Love the little green poncho. And the pink cardigan that is coming along, with the flowers at the bottom... oooh nice! Glad to hear that Christmas was wonderful... May you have many, many more my friend! Hugs!

  4. Oh G, what an awesome Christmas...thanks for sharing the pics! Alyssia is gorgeous, those curls, who does she get those from?! You look really good my dear ad I cried when I read about your gifts from himself...and dear sweet Holmsey is wonderful, I can imagine it perfect over the fireplace. Tell him "good job" from sister stitchers.
    OK, now onto the good stuff...I am so excited to see you joining...so, before I get all giddy and silly...lemme look into it and get back to you.
    Love ya Missy

  5. So happy for you that your Christmas was wonderful

  6. So happy for you that your Christmas was wonderful

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  8. I am so pleased that this Christmas was a lovely one for you. Grandchildren really do make everything extra special!
    I see you have the new GG logo up already, so that's one SAL already. There's also the Hallowe'en Ornie SAL and the Christmas Ornie SAL (run by me and by Kaye respectively). We choose a theme each month and you post something connected for as many months as you want to join in.

  9. Beautiful and special pictures of your and your precious granddaughter. What a perfect gift from hubby.
    Love the pink cardigan, those little bobbles along the bottom are stunning.
    Green poncho is so cute.
    Sending lots of love you way and wishing you many happy times in 2017.

  10. OK G...I found 2 SALs for 2017:
    Christmas Ornie SAL 2017 http://christmasorniesal2015.blogspot.com.au
    Halloween Ornie SAL 2017
    Both are theme based, each month you stitch a design of your choosing while sticking to a general theme...sounds like fun!
    Hope this gave you a couple of ideas

  11. Sounds like you had the perfect family Christmas with all your children, thoughtful gifts and of course your gorgeous granddaughter! What a fabulous model for your crochet goodies.
    Gifted Gorgeousness is my favourite SAL. I'm also planning to stitch a Bothy Threads Cut Thru (this will be my 4th!) next year so if that appeals to you let me know - would be happy to SAL with you.

  12. Your Christmas sounds very special, Gaynor! We have the same rule here--everyone must help, especially in the kitchen. It doesn't even seem like work if everyone pitches in, does it?

    Oh, what a precious little granddaughter--a true blessing! And how wonderful to have the whole family together... The simple and thoughtful gift theme is perfect and one I will have to try to get my own family to go with in the future.

    Sending all positive thoughts and a hug in your direction...


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