Saturday, September 10, 2016

Hare Today!

Not a lot of crafting going on but I do have some yummy news!

Firstly, I've been designing!  Oh yay!!

First off is a free Halloween chart..yes, free. Offered on Witchity Poo's fb page and also offered here.  I can't put a pdf file here but if you email me on I'll send you the chart.  I really enjoyed designing Trick or was great fun!

And I was on a ball with a brand new Holmsey Hare project.  I wanted little ornaments but Holmsey wanted something a bit different!  He's so awkward!

So we came up with three panels which can be stitched alone or stitched together as one larger picture.  It features some new characters and friends of Holmsey, some of whom may or may not appear in the second children's book!

Release details will follow soon.  Unfortunately after having a concept stolen by another designer (who did exactly the same thing with yet another designer), I can't reveal too much too soon...but I'm really looking forwards to this one and stitching the model!

I've released two new designs for a charity called Rainbows for Peace and Comfort.  It's a charity page which  has ' formed to help bring comfort and peace to all those impacted by the Orlando tragedy. We are a group of Cross stitchers who will be making quilts and other items for all. Please join us by stitching, supporting us and watching the projects grow.'

One has been stitched by a lovely man called Timothy who helps run the group.

Ying and Yang on black fabric.  Beautifully stitched Timothy!

And the other design I donated is:

It's  a worthwhile charity with things being made for the families of those who were lost in the nightclub attack and for the first responders.

Now, a little more Holmsey Hare news!

Paula from Bear Tails Illustrations has been busy working on the illustrations for the new book 'Can I Be a Hare?'

I can't show you the full pictures but here's a sneaky peek at some of the illustrations and the materials used for them.

It's all a bit wonderful isn't it?  I love the colours and the little snippets that will become something wonderful!

Health wise; I had to miss a chemo this week as it seems I had an infection, probably caught from having to spend hours and hours in the A and E with my son.  It's all good though: just part and parcel of what cancer is.  I'm making the most of having a weekend where for once I feel normal!

I'm actually going to sit and stitch now!  And about time too!

Have a wonderful weekend xxxxxx


  1. I love the new designs, G! I can't wait to order and stitch the new Holmsey Hare series...and I am working so very slowly on the Coven ladies <3
    I'm sorry that you are dealing with such idiots who just can't keep their hands off of others artistry...
    Enjoy your weekend off and stitch stitch stitch!
    Love you

  2. It all sounds exciting....hope you are feeling okay....

  3. Dear Gaynor, I am praying for you to fight off this infection right quick. I cannot believe the low levels of theft. Shameful. Have an excellent weekend stitching. I plan to! That and baking chocolate chip cookies!! :D

  4. Looking forward to getting and stitching the new Holmsey series. Sorry you picked up an infection; hope it is gone soon! Enjoy your stitching and have a relaxing weekend.

  5. I love the hallowe'en design, and looking forward to seeing the new Holmsey series! I hope your infection clears up soon.

  6. Hope your infection clears up soon. You have been so busy! I love the new Holmesy design - what you can see of it anyway! I can't believe someone would steal your ideas.
    Paula's new illustrations look wonderful.

  7. Paula's new illustration does look exciting.
    How sad a designer stole your ideas :-(
    Hope your son is all recovered after his trip to A&E and that you were able to enjoy a lovely weekend.

  8. Glad to read your update--hope you can get back on the chemo schedule very soon. I'm so sorry to read about someone stealing your design ideas--that must be so frustrating after all the hard work you must have put in.

    Love your witchy piece--really cute!

  9. Hope that by today, you are feeling better! Not that I want you to get back into chemo, but... if it is helping ward off the nasties... {{}} You are always so busy, being creative. And finding creative people! The fiber art for your book is pretty cool! You are always in my prayers and heart, even if I don't comment! Hugs!


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