Monday, April 18, 2016

Gifted Gorgeous (late) and It's a Long Way to Tipperary (photo heavy)

Hi, I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date!  Gifted gorgeousness organised by Jo.

Yup, I missed the 15th because some inconsiderate builder type pulled down the phone line down my road which meant we all lost internet and phone connections.  Never mind. I'm here now.

And that means it's time for the next section of Holmsey's Band Sampler.  There is a stray symbol: please ignore it and assume it is the same as the other symbols next to it. It's on the right side, in the little flower.


On a slightly different note, Jacqueline M fbooked me and let me know that she had bought a new app to help her manage her stitching stash and wow! Stitchers Anon is on it!  It's called X Stitch.
Now, I'm not entirely sure what an app is or how it works, but it's a bit cool nevertheless and I'm very greatful that she let me know!
I've had lots of hospital stuff going on so there hasn't been much crafting as such but I have been enjoying a little crochet. This is a pretty little cropped ballerina top that I've made for my grandaughter.  I never thought I would enjoy crochet but you know what?  It rocks!  I find it so much easier than knitting especially with the nerve damage in my arm from chemo.  And it's so very relaxing and easy to stop and start, so ideal for hospital waiting rooms.
 Now because I couldn't work I decided to have a huge clear out.  I've got rid of most of my wool and most of my fabric because I had so much I found I couldn't work or achieve anything. There was just too much of a muchness which led to much procrastination and not a lot of crafting. I've gifted the wool to a member of my craft group, keeping just four lots for projects I'm working on at the moment.
I gave most of my fabric to Elaine, the lady who does my model stitching.  It's really bizaar but although I have 'known' Elaine for years, and we have a very good working relationship, we have never actually met!
So this was a great excuse to change all that!
Hubby and I decided to take a road trip and we ended up in Tipperary where we met Elaine, who is of course lovely.  It was so nice to chat. And bless her, she gave me a spare Lowry stand that she had. I have looked at Lowry stands for years but never took the plunge. Now I actually have one!  I can't wait to use it!  Thank you Elaine xx
After talking for ages we parted company but hubby and I decided to take a good look around Roscrea, in County Tipperary.  It was an amazing place!  Affordable (only four euros to look around the two museums and have a guided tour) and absolutely fantastic. 
Now, I come from Norfolk, and Norfolk has lots of castles but when the tour guide opened the door to the inside of the castle, I just came out with 'oh wow!'.  It was one of the best castles I've ever been in: everything has been kept to the time and style of the time in which it would have been used, but not so much that it looks like a museum.

A round tower: if the villagers were raided, the churchie pepes would run in here, climbing up a ladder, taking all their treasure with them, and then haul up the ladder so no one could get them or steal their gold!


Yup; this huge lump of butter was found in a bog, fossilised.  I don't know about you but I can't believe it is butter!  Not sure I fancy it very much. It was in an animal skin....yum..not

Just look at the stone work!  It's amazing!

The roof is just idea how they did it, these are all individual stones.

The main room: here is where the eating and partying would have taken place.  On the left is the huge fireplace.

It's about 12 feet across!

Then we had a little walk through the town and found this hidden gem! 


A bug hotel!  I'm going to make one for my garden!

 And this little chap is a gray wagtail!  I've never seen one before but as you can see he was quite happy to stand and pose.
So all in all it was an amazing day. Great company, great attractions and great everything..perfect for recharging the batteries..and it turns out Tipperary wasn't that long a way away after all!
























  1. Such a sweet post..beautiful photos :)

  2. Oh how beautiful and wonderful! And I wish I too had a pink cropped ballerina top. ;D

  3. Love the pink ballerina top, so pretty.
    Great pics of your day out, how lovely to meet Elaine in person.
    Hope the news from the hospital is good {hugs}

  4. Sorry to hear you've had a lot of medical 'stuff' going on... Hope it all turned out well! YOu make some fabulous crocheted baby clothes... I do not have that talent. Loved seeing some of County Tipperary... How far away is Donegal?? :)

    1. It's never ending isn't Maggee. Donegal is North West so high up, over Galway and Tipperary is more South West xx

  5. Beautiful photos, thanks for sharing. The crop ballerina top is very pretty. Hope everything goes well with you.

  6. Oh I adore that tiny ballerina crop's soooooooo cute!! Loving all your photos, looks a really lovely place you visited. The round tower reminded me of the story of Rappunzel....
    Big smiles :)

    1. Thank you! We have lots of towers like there in Ireland. I would love to see inside it!

  7. The crop top turned out beautiful. I'm tempted to start the band sampler with the colors you are showing.
    Lovely pics of your trip . And how nice to meet Elaine in person.

    1. You will be very welcome to start it. Don't forget to share your wips!

  8. Thank you for taking part in GG this month.
    I love all the photos of Tipperary, it looks like a wonderful place to visit.
    I have the X-Stitch App, it's a very useful way of keeping track of all your charts and designs. The wife is a stitcher and the husband does the coding, they are very helpful if you have any suggestions of designers to add.

    1. Great to know Jo. I'm afraid I don't have anything that uses apps lol, but it was flattering all the same

  9. Love the crochet finish and really enjoyed seeing the pics too!

  10. Wonderful post, my dear. Thank you so much for sharing your castle tour - I adore castles but for some strange reason they are rather rare in Australia! lol!


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