Friday, January 22, 2016

All Hallows' Tree

Evening all! 
I'm def. liking this Friday posting routine.  I've read blogs and been inspired and feel I can write in my little part of the inter-world free from stress and yes, I'm really enjoying blogging again!

Stitchy-wise, I've been busy stitching on a witch from The Coven of the Year.  She's been a little temperamental and I had to give her a boob job.  Now there's a sentence I never thought I'd say!
You'll see what I mean when I release her next week, along with the next Holmsey's Hymms chart.

I've not had a lot of stitching time. Son number two has needed help with his quadratic equations.  They aren't something I've done before so I've had to learn them myself before I could help him.  I hope my son appreciates the effort I went to when he looks back on his childhood experience! Yuck. 

Now, I've taught Biology and Environment Science as well as Ecology, literacy and even numeracy..but I've never, ever had to use a quadratic equation that I know of.  Why oh why are we making kids suffer by teaching them something that they will probably never use, unless they are seriously into math and want to do it at university?

Torture.  Oh it makes my head sore just to think about it! Quick: talk about something crafty!  Oh I know!

I've a new release, and I found a new friend with a fantastic skill. 

Witchity Poo was feeling frazzled from managing the antics of her Coven members whom I'm sure you realise are a little 'out there' and in their own way are very unique.
So, Witchity came to see me and asked for a chart where she could have some 'alone' time.
I had a ponder and I thought, what better than getting away from it all under All Hallows' Tree where she can curse away to her hearts delight?

So here she is!

And, I had a little word with a friend of mine, the owner of  Chromatic Alchemy!  (click the  name to see her website)

Chromatic Alchemy is a UK based fabric-dyer who also overlays design models over their fabrics.  I asked the lovely lady who owns the business if she could overlay my mock up....and wow.  That's all I can say: Wow!  What do you think?

 I'm so impressed.  I really like the last one: it looks all stormy and wild!

I sense some retail fabric therapy coming up soon!

Right. That's everything really.  I must get on...I'm looking forwards to a weekend of stitching and chilling and hopefully not having to do math!

Have a great weekend!


  1. The overlays are awesome! I love the orange one in particular. Such clever software, I wonder if it uses quadratic equations?
    The problem with saying that some knowledge isn't need unless you are going to study the subject further is that it limits the basic education. That's why working class kids finished school at 14 because it wasn't worth teaching them "something they'd never use".
    Quadratic equations are used more in engineering and logistics. I used a lot of algebra in my insurance days too. Another subject a lot of people think is useless!

    1. I can understand equations linked to science, and statistics but not quadratics. I will let him know about the engineering. It may get him interested!

  2. Just for fun!!

  3. So fab to see the design on the differing fabrics, and there was me thinking you had stitched them all .... lol
    Have a lovely restful weekend xx

  4. Wow you r design looks fabulous on those fabrics! I really like the second one and the bright orange. They look so different!
    One thing I really think ought to be taught in schools is how to manage a household budget, how compound interest works, taxation etc. So our kids aren't blinded by banks and the like when they're older!

    1. I agree: I used to teach it at college on the E2E courses. You would be amazed by how many young adults didnt know the difference between want and need!

  5. Well, I agree about teaching such things. Quadratic equations can be taught at university, when they focus on the specialized careers, not high school! I really like #2, the lighter blue rendition... neat application! Hugs!

  6. WOW! Looks great and love the last one too!


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