Saturday, October 24, 2015

A finish!

The rotation has gone out of the window:  I've just been so busy with non-crafty stuff but I do have (finally) a finish.

Pumpkin Party by Stitchers Anon (me) on Eye of Newt Aida produced by Chromatic Alchemy.  I think I will have to get some more fabric for Skullduggary and Festival of Spiders! It's is such a lovely fabric to stitch on.  I haven't used aida in years but it made a lovely change.  It just goes to show, we shouldn't limit ourselves with what we use for our creative outlets.

There have been some issues on facebook with people looking down on this fabric or that fabric. Total nonsense.  We aren't teengers, trying to outcompete with branded trainers...frankly, if you can get a needle through it, then I would be happy to try stitching on anything!  The weirder and more challenging, the greater the satisfaction!

Just my little ol' opinion anyhoos.

Pumpkin Party


  1. Your design looks amazing on that fabric! I know stitchers have their favourite fabrics but each to their own. I agree with you, I will try anything, though the "nicer" it is to stitch on, the better!

  2. That pattern and that fabric are PERFECT for each other! Awesome!

  3. Love your pattern on that fabric! It looks amazing!

  4. Spooktacular finish, such amazing fabric.

  5. Great finish, the fabric is just fantabulous!!

  6. Congrats on a finish! I use aida here and there for projects... If it is in my stash...I am going to use it up! But THAT fabric is perfect for your design!! Hugs!

  7. This is a great finish an the fabric you chose is just perfect for it.


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