Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Homsley and Gardening.

I've been so organised this's about time too I think!  I actually have had five new xmas ornies come back home from Elaine, my model stitcher!

September's Holmsey is looking good and forms the end of the third panel.  The next panel is all stitched up too but we don't do spoilers here!

I can share Holmsey though.

 He is quite enjoying being amongst the harebells!

I've been busy in the garden.  The fruit had done terribly this year, but we did managed to get some bramley apples off our trees.

I made four containers of apple and blackcurrant pie filling for the freezer, and with the apples that were too small, I made this!

 Apple and Sage jelly!

It goes wonderfully with chicken, pork and cheeses and I like it on toast!
Perfect for chrissie pressies too!

The polytunnel is still doing well.

Loads of beans!  All safely in the freezer now.

We had one afternoon without rain and hubby took me out to Lough Key in Boyle.  We were in the mood for just walking and not being near people so we wondered down the forest paths whch are usually hidden from everyone else.

We found the most amazing trees. I love trees...they bring you into the present, into the here and now and help put things into persepective.  Or at least for me they do!

Ooooo and look at what I found!

Here there be fairies!!  A fairy town, I'm sure!

Tomorrow I will be starting some crochet and another witch for the Halloween SAL...and I will probably have some happy news regarding Marley, our rescue dog soon!  TTFN


  1. You have been busy! Love the forest walk.....

    1. It was a nice break..away from all the stresses of work!

  2. Holmsey does look wonderful for September, he must have been enjoying some summer sunshine somewhere.
    I too love trees and woodlands, they feed me and tranquilise me (mmm perhaps that's not the right word to say, but they do make me feel tranquil) lol

    1. I think you are absolutely right...tranquil is a perfect word for it.

  3. What a busy summer you've had. Green is a lovely restful colour.

  4. yum, yum. Green beans are my and Mabel's favorites.
    What awesome trees!

    1. If you were closer you could have some lol! There are loads and no sign of them stopping yet lol

  5. Such a nice new Holmsey for next month.

  6. I am back to the blog. Wanted to catch up with you here. :)

  7. Your Holmsleys are really cute--nice series! Thanks for sharing the walk in the woods... lovely, relaxing... Hugs!


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