Tuesday, June 23, 2015

My Poor Blog

My poor abandoned blog...I suspect it thinks my addiction to crafts has disappeared..that must be why I haven't been blogging right?

Nope; just the opposite!
I am sooooo busy.  This week alone, since Monday I have 6 new charts, all ready for model stitching AND I've been busy crocheting.  My friend Kath sent me some white wool speckled with lots of different little pastle colours.  I doubled it up to make it aran thickness and along with some pink aran wool, made two little cardigans/jackets.  I've got to get buttons for the lighter one. These are too small...I  can't work out how I can have a gazillion buttons but not three matching in the size I want!!!

I will be going over soon to see my sweet grandaughter as my daughter isn't very well..the baby is doing really well though!
She is sooo perfect.

A while ago I designed and donated two charts to a charity group who were raising money for the World Wildlife fund.  The group managed to raise more than 1000 dollars!  How amazing is that!  In return for their support the WWF sent the organiser some stuffed toys, rare species which the WWF is trying to help.  The group decided to put all the designers who helped and the stitchers who donated money  in return for the charts into a draw for the toys.  And I was lucky enough to win.  I received two black footed ferrets! They came with their own bag and adoption certificate and details about the species.  I really like ferrets so they were perfect.  I called them Sirrius and Snape.

I've been sorting through my designs and having a re-hash. Some charts have been retired and others have been put to one side while I decide what to do with them.  These were given a reprieve and a tidy up.

I was asked to put them out so I updated them a little bit and am letting ICG crafts and my etsy shop sell them. They won't be on my website....

So, what have we got coming up chart wise...well, remember Witchity Poo? She's making a comeback.

Here's a sneaky peek!

What else is coming. Well, Witchity has some friends who'll be popping by.  Holmsey is all done up to October, and the final three months just need a little tweaking..and well, you know me.  Virtuous, good and kind....that's a hint by the way!  And that's all I'm going to share other than the Victorian Maids are also making an appearance..they feel they've been neglected, and they're probably right.

On top of all this work, the garden is going full swing. The pond's full of tadpoles and frogs, the veggies are doing well and everyone is enjoying the summer!

I fully intend to continue to work at a million miles per hour so will be posting again soon.  Keep well!


  1. love, love those cardigans. She will look like a little doll in them. Hope your daughter feels better soon.

  2. Those cardigans are beautiful! I like the names you gave to your new furry friends:) You are such a great mom and grandmother to go help your daughter (of course he bonus is seeing your grand daughter).
    love Annette

  3. Lovely cardigans! Hope your daughter feels better soon - a visit from mum should help!

  4. It's always such a busy time of the year for gardeners with lots of growth and produce needing attention.
    Pretty little cardigans. Get well wishes for your daughter, being a new mum takes its toll on ladies, but with her diabetes it must be very hard getting up in the nights and regulating insulin levels. Have a wonderful visit and lots of cuddles.
    Best wishes xx

  5. Very pretty knitting finishes.
    Like your new charts too

  6. Very pretty knitting finishes.
    Like your new charts too

  7. Very pretty knitting finishes.
    Like your new charts too

  8. You have been a busy new grandma! Can't do everything... Lovely little sweaters you made! Hugs!


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