Friday, May 22, 2015


I sell my charts now through ICG Crafts who supply LNS's.  I also have a wonderful new website which is just amazing. Very professional.  I love that leaves me with Etsy.  Etsy no longer offers instant pdfs (thanks to the new tax laws), and charges fees on top of the paypal fees.

So I have a dilemma.  I'm considering closing my Etsy shop but need to just collate traffic statistics. To help me with this I will be having a sale, 50 percent, this weekend only.  Just click the link, and I apologise for the photos on some of the charts.. I can design a zombie in less than 15 stitches, but have I yet worked out how to photograph my work to show it at it's best?  Nope, not a chance lol

Stitchers Anon Cross Stitch Designs Etsy Shop

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  1. Technology is wonderful, but can be a nuisance sometimes.
    {hugs} x


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