Monday, April 20, 2015

Happy Days!

It's going to be quiet here for a few weeks. Sorry.

Firstly, my son arrived yesterday for a holiday. It was all to be kept secret: only I knew about it which made life interesting.

I had to come up with an excuse to buy a guest bed. I had to come up with an excuse to stock up on teenage friendly food.  I had to come up with an excuse to go to the airport to pick him up....lies, lies and well more lies.

But it was worth it. The look on my husband's face when he realised my friend wasn't coming over but it was our son!  He actually looked at my son and said 'that looks like Deven' and then he went back to watching passengers!  He was so thrilled when he finally clicked that he wouldn't be picking up my old friend from college days (whom he can't stand lol).

And then we went and surprised the grandparents!

So I'm having to work around time with my son. I haven't seen him since last October.

And on Saturday I'm off to England to see my daughter and the new baby. They are all doing very well but apparently they are waiting for some of my cooking!

Because I'll be away I have released Holmsey May early.  He's now available on my website.  So, while it will be quiet for a few weeks, watch out for lots of piccies when I get back, along with hopefully some photos of Newcastle. I've never been to the North East before: I think it's the only bit of the UK I've never been to so I'm looking forwards to exploring as well as getting to know my grandaughter and being able to help my daughter and her partner.


  1. The May block is adorable! Glad you were able to surprise your husband with your son's available. Have a super trip to your daughter's.

    Robin in Virginia

  2. that's a great surprise for everyone. Have a safe trip and take lots of photos of the little one.

    Love the May picture.

  3. A great surprise for your husband, have a safe trip and a enjoy visiting your daughter.

  4. What a wonderful surprise.
    The new block is fabulous

  5. Enjoy your special family time - its so precious.
    Sweet new block
    {love and hugs} xxx

  6. Sounds like a good surprise! Enjoy your trip to visit your family.

  7. A sweet new release! Enjoy your family time :)

  8. Great work. These blocks are so adorable. Have a good time!

  9. Oh how wonderful to be reunited!
    That is one gorgeous May block.

  10. Enjoy your time with your family :-)

  11. What a lovely time you must have with your son visiting. And then off to see and hold your grandchild for the first time. Wonderful things ahead.
    Holmsey is just great. I will wait until all the months are out and then I'll have to have him :)


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