Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wednesdays Prize Draw Winner

Hi everyone,

I'm so sorry I didn't do a draw yesterday: I had to go into hospital.  Long story short, four trips to gps in three days got me nowhere, just lots of prescriptions for painkillers and opiates (the legal sort but still not good for you), so in desperation I phoned my consultant's dept and they said to come straight in.  I am in horrific pain but at least it is now being sorted which means a weight off my mind.  Darned gps..absolutely crap here in Ireland.  I hate to say it but I really miss the NHS.  You don't appreciate it until you no longer have it!

Before I do the draw, I have noticed that I have some lovely new followers.  Hi, you are very welcome here.  I was also going through my reading list of your blogs and whilst I seem to follow hundreds, a lot of them have stopped blogging.  I know fb has taken over sadly, and I won't remove them just in case they come back but if you are a new follower and you have a blog, can you leave a comment and say hi. That way I can stalk  follow your details and add your blogs to my reading list.  Thank you muchly!

So without further ado.  Esther chose the lovely Gorjuss Kit, donated by our very own Mii Stitch (ah, I just got the name of the blog....after how many years rofl?).

I still have one annon donor who hasnt claimed the prize. Sorry but I didn't keep my notifications and I can't track you down on the charity site. If you think it might be you, please pm me and I can check.  Of course, if you kept your receipt that would be helpful, or even the date when you donated xxx  I know how I worked out my system of giving numbers out and I can check it from that.  Thank you muchly

Today's number is....

Enter a lower limit:   1
Enter an upper limit:   502


Random Number:  481 


  1. Such a cute choice for Esther!! :)

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  3. aww such a lovely kit..i love her x

  4. I got that comment on my blog, too, but haven't removed it yet.

  5. I think that anyone, American or not, will be lucky to avoid whoever wrote that! What a silly person (as I am being polite!)

    Congrats to the winner...whoever you may be!


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