Saturday, October 25, 2014

Catch Up and a Freebie

Hi everyone.

I seem to be posting very sporadically and I'm sorry about that.  My gp changed my meds which resulted in five nights with three hours sleep or less.  I took my health into my own hands last night, changed my meds back and got ten hours.  Bliss!

DH is away in the Uk visiting DS and DD. Both are well. DS has a new job and is doing so much better...I won't forget his old manageress though: as Arnie said; 'I will be back!'.  No adult should get such a kick out of bullying a kid in his first job.  Shocking.

Anyway: I've had sleep so now I can catch up.  We have some wonderful news!  We've topped the 400 euro mark for the fundraiser!  Yay!! Go us!!

We've yet more new prizes and I'm a little behind in updating the prize numbers but will work on it this weekend.

First, Angela's mum, June has made a beautiful pink scarf as a prize.  It is totally gorgeous and I can honestly say I've been overwhelmed by the response of crafters, both for their donations and for their prizes.  Thank you Angela and thank you June.

 Another designer has been in touch with both a donation and a prize donation. This beautiful glass stained window has been designed by Zhelle, from Denmark.
If a winner choses this prize they will receive a pdf of the chart.  Thank you so much Zhelle.

Of course I am always open to more donations.  We have five days left!  Will we do it?  You can donate to the breast cancer research fundraiser here!

I've had issues with the Ghost of Christmas Present: he had beard issues, so I shaved him and told him he wasn't getting his beard back until he learned to look after it (whilst stamping my little foot).  He was very sorry and his beard has been sorted but I decided to put him down until I've had sleep.  I'll start on him again tomorrow and hopefully if he behaves, he will be finished!

I did chart a little fun design for a blogging friend who was having a hard time.  We know this lovely lady as Jacs, but on fb she is Dora.  She sent me a piccie of her finish and and has kindly agreed to letting me offer the chart as a freebie.  I know it was my design but I made it for her.

Enjoy xx

Just right click to save and download.  Happy stitching everyone!


  1. Lovely knitting and very sweet chart my dear
    Thank you x

  2. What a lovely chart - thank you!!

  3. I saw the little elfie on Jacqui's blog, she did a super job stitching it up.


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