Friday, September 12, 2014

Last Chance for the Giveaway and more news! Edited with more donations!

Wooohooooo It's Friday!


Ok: what's new.

Well yesterday I had my appointment with Professor Kerin.  My mammogram is clear and I asked about my raised oestrogen levels.  My cancer is hormone happy, it loves hormones, especially oestrogen and progesterone.  I had lost weight (tummy fat makes oestrogen), eat goodness knows how many cabbages a week (anti oestrogen chemicals in brassicas) and yet still my oestrogen levels were high.

I asked if it were something to be concerned about and he went through the criteria for removing the ovaries.  Low levels of oestrogen means the Tamoxifen can be more affective.  He asked how I was with my first chemo-induced monopause.

 'Grand!' I reply.  Well I was.  My house is ruddy freezing in winter, hot flushes are a bonus and my feet were warm.  And who needs the agro of the 'you know what' which visits each and every month?

I would be at risk of osteoporosis but with a healthy diet and exercise, that can be delayed and frankly, considering my life is measure in terms of five years, and I've nearly used three years already, do I seriously give a monkeys about what might happen if I live long enough?

So he is going to whip them out!  I am thrilled.  It all improves my survival statistics so it's all good.

I go a bit nuts prior to this appointment: it is the one place and the one Dr who crushed my world so I still freak out beforehand. My brain goes all over the place so I haven't had much chance to stitch so I don't have anything to show you.  I do have some news regarding the fund raising though

We have raised 199 euros!  That is nearly two fifths of my target goal!  You clever, wonderful people you!

And some designers have started to approach me with lovely items to donate.

The first is a pdf Halloween Chart which has been donated by a wonderful German designer, Susanne. You can find Susanne's website here.

Angela (Hooked on Stitches)  has made this amazing stitched box.  Isn't it just perfect? 
I'm a bit peeved because I obviously can't enter but some of the prizes are so cute!!!!

And it goes on and on!  Michelle Easters, owner of Jodyri Designs has donated this gorgeous fabric and threads...isn't it beautiful?

Wow.  I have decided to donate  a pdf chart as well, as fitting for the season.

* Edited from here: just heard from another designer, Shannon from Lasting Allure is donating two pdf charts! Wow.

This is the first:

And the second:

It is all getting very real now.

I've opened a fb event to help raise publicity and to explain to you what the research time are looking into at the moment  and please don't forget, if you donate one euro (you can chose the currency you donate it) and you email me, I will send you the chart and instructions for the Hope Needleroll as well as putting your name in the draw for these amazing prizes.

I know times are hard, I really do but one euro does make a huge difference.  If one person donated one euro today then it would bring us up to the two fifth mark of our target, 500 euros

The draw starts on November 31st: donations have to be made by the 30th and each winner will get to chose their prize from what is available, one at a time.
And there are more prizes which will be added during the week.

For now though I'm going to sit myself down and stitch.  I haven't stitched all week and I have some serious catching up to do!

Also, don't forget my giveaway to celebrate 300 followers..I have been writing names down with each post and this will be your last chance to comment and be put in the draw for either a 123 Stitch or a Sew and So voucher to spend as you wish!
Have a lovely weekend and happy stitching!


  1. Hello sweetie! I have a few bits & pieces I'd love to donate too... I know fellow stitchers would love :) Could you kindly email me your address at miistitchATgmailDOTcom
    Thank you!! xox

  2. So glad to hear your appointment was mostly positive and that there is something they can do to hopefully remedy your high hormone levels. The items for your fundraiser look amazing!

    I'd love to enter your followers giveaway!

  3. Oh I have been thinking about you and you recent visit to the hospital... I hope things go smoothly for you. Its totally understandable about going slightly nuts when visiting the Dr.... your doing fine, and its OK to go slightly nuts :)
    Its really lovely to read your post today... and wonderful that people are making donations too..
    Such a wonderful thing you are doing and oooh the money raised is rising :)
    Happy stitching :)
    Smiles :)

  4. I am so happy that you got a clear mammogram and that you are taking further steps to stop that cancer from ever coming back! I'm really loving all the prizes so far, it's so exciting :)

  5. My dear I am so happy for you and you are in my prayers..sending you positives thoughts and hugs xx

  6. Lovely to read your good news from the hospital.
    Superb little parcels for the giveaway.


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