Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Is it time yet?

Hi everyone. It is still busy and hectic here with gorgeous daughter visiting. Hubby has just had minor surgery on his feet (again) so is in a lot of pain and can't walk.  I try to make allowances for him having a much lower pain freshold than I do and I'm doing quite well at not muttering ' baby' everytime he groans which is quite often!

I've done a little bit of stitching on my new design  but not enough worth showing.  I can however show you a finish done by my friend Elaine.  As part of the Halloween SAL I am giving the gals free Halloween ornie charts to get them all in the mood! This is the second ornie released and is part of a competition to name the cat and win a prize!

Didn't she do a great job?

I'm so excited about this SAL; I really do like the chart and the people who have had sneak previews have loved it, so t'is very exciting.

I have my fabric chosen but not so sure about the threads.  I wanted Belle Soir but OMgoodness they are so expensive.  Add to that the postage costs: well...it doesn't leave me in a happy place that's for sure.  I did order some though and hopefully they will get here before the SAL starts which is the 11th.

Just in case, I nipped to Galway with DD and DS while DH was having his surgery and bought some DMC black. Well, it seemed a shame to waste the opportunity to shop and DH was going there anyway! (teehee).

I admit I was having a bit of a moan and a groan about the cost of threads.  I don't like many overdyed threads: they knot and sometimes feel quite rough.  I love Nancy's threads (Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe) but I didn't have quite the shade I wanted.  I like Belle Soir but they are so expensive.  As I was having a moan and a groan and ok, I will be honest, a downright mumble and grumble, I noticed one of my facebook groups was having a fabric and threads online event!  Lots of different suppliers were being given a weekend to showcase their products.  Wow.  Who knew there were so many wonderful stitching works of wonder out there?

As a result I'm now in a fabric of the month club with Sparklies (hope I got that right) and I ordered some silks from The Silk Mill which were highly recommended AND if you order the sample pack (you get too choose the colours) you get a reduced price and free postage.  When they get here I'll let  you know what they are like.

Right, I guess I had better love you and leave you.  One of my little darlings has given their dad a stick and now he thumps it on the bedroom floor to let us know he wants something...bless them!  I'm being summoned...excuse the mumbles under my breath should you chance to hear them.........  see you all soon xxxx  (Unless I get arrested for murder, or even attempted murder!)


  1. Hope hubby is recovering well (and you have not been locked up!) .....
    love and (hugs) xxx

  2. Be gentle with hubby he's a man and men winge a lot haha

  3. Get that dang stick away from him! Though I recall someone having a bell to ring, which was just as annoying! Men! Look forward to your review of some new threads... You are so busy!! Hugs!


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