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Christmas in...August and a Car Run

Hi everyone.

Thank you all so much for your kind comments regarding my daughter's diabetes. She is doing ok now the temperature  has dropped.  I never realised how complicated it is as a condition: as a biologist we kind of see things in black and white....the reality is something else but she is doing better so thank you all.  I really have to thank Shebafudge (Sharon) who has been around a fair bit to answer my questions.  Thank you xxx

I got an email towards the end of July from Cath Willey. She was apologising because her Christmas in July ornie would be a little late.

Christmas in July?

What Christmas in July?

I checked everywhere and I had no record at all of the Christmas in July exchange.  I vaguely remember something about it but darned if I could find the details.  See, that is how bad my memory is!  I never, ever would have forgotten anything Christmas before.

Hmmmmm, what to do.

I did what nice bloggers do.  I came clean.  I had forgotten.  Well that bought us both a bit of time and today we both received each others exchanges.

From Cath I received.....

A pretty  notebook and a lovely board, pad and pen with 'Things to do' on it.  These two items alone are perfect!  I never go anywhere without a notebook incase I have flashes of inspiration and thanks to the lovely memory board, I will never forget an exchange again teehee.  Ah bless you Cathy: you really do know what my memory is like don't you!

Ah. but that isn't all.

Gorgeous, gorgeous fabric  whih is wonderful because I have the same fabric in a different colour and can now make a mini quilt with them. And ribbons....lots and lots of ribbons.  The perfect width for pinkeeps so they are perfect because I was only moaning the other day that all the ribbons I had were either very, very thin or mega thick...I swear, Cath, you must have read my mind!

And did you see the cute ornie?

The cute sheep is actually stitched in a fluffy floss....totally gorgeous.  I have it in my craft room: it's far to cute for just Christmas.

So, as exchanges went, this one could not have been was all perfect. Thank you muchly Cath.

Now, what could I send?  I felt so bad because I had actually forgotten something that someone had gone to a lot of effort to get organised.  And it really wasn't my fault: I have no short term memory so no short term = no long term.  On the whole I cope quite well but I really wanted to make amends because I should have made more effort to remember.

So I made her this.

Yup: it's one of my own designs.

Lift up the lid and....

I was really pleased how this came out.  I've never made anything like it and even better...I got to play with the glue gun!

Choccies, needles, beads, threads, more choccies and one packet of haribol. I will fess up: there were more haribo but I ate them waiting for the extras to arrive. Sorry Cath!

I added some fabric and two charts and some Christmassy threads.  The stocking sadly fell down behind the table so it's still here...I missed it when packing. Sorry Cath.

At least I'm honest.  Yes I ate the Haribo and forgot the stocking.  Sorrrryyyyy.  I will post them later on. was a brillient exchange and I really enjoyed it. Thank you so much Cath xxx

I have been playing with materials and threads and trying out new things.  These silks arrived today, they are from The Silk Mill in France.  They do a special offer sample pack for new customers. 

 I ordered two different blacks and a green and and orange and blue for my halloween ornies.  They look lovely and shiny and are ever-so soft. I'll let you know how I get on with them.  They are for the five free ornaments which I have given to members of the Mystery Halloween SAL.

I made a start on mine!

It is stitched in Belle Soire Black Crow (from a uk shop I will no longer used because the postage was extortionate: they sent it as a letter and charged me nearly five pounds!) and it is on Wichelt linen 'Sandcastle'.

Darned light!

I've made a little progress on my other project.

And I finished up the first of my Maid Monthlies: January and found out that by adding a coloured material, I can actually take a halfway decent piccie!

Doesn't that make a difference?

I've been a little down, balancing work and real life: work seems to sneak in all the time.  So no surprise I came down with some bug.  After the initial ' is my sore throat cancer' moment, I decided to take the whole weekend off.

On Sunday my hubby and I took Daisy out for a run with a local car group.  Who is Daisy?  Meet Daisy.

She is my Morris Minor Traveller.

She is a sweety.

The club had arranged an amazing drive through quiet Irish roads.  It was really well organised and everyone was very friendly to us.

Want to see some of the things we drove past?  Bear in mind Car Runs do not stop for photo ops, so I had to take piccies as we drove (or hubby drove).

Sea, lakes, mountains.  Who could ask for  more?

 We had a thirty minute stop at the beach and yes, I have managed to get my hair in a ponytail!  First time since chemo.  

And we did our first 'selfie'

First and last!

Then it was back to Manor Hamilton where the club had laid on sandwiches and cakes, tea and coffees.  I didn't partake because I'd been sat in the back of the morris minor eating the picnic whilst son and hubby sat in the front doing driving type stuff.  I really do make the best cookies...though eating eight of them might have been a bit much!

The club did a raffle and we raised over 500 euros for a suicide support charity.
On the way back home we came across this.

It's a mushroom made from little mosaic tiles.

It was made as part of a community project to help mend bridges in the border counties.

Very clever.

It was a ball and did me a power of good, just getting out.  I'm determined now to stick to work hours.  Nine to Five...or ok, maybe Six but weekends are def. family time!

So that's me done.  Time for Miranda and some stitching.  Have a lovely week everyone.


  1. Wow, gosh and another WOW!! Loving your post today..
    Lovely gifts and handy too ;)
    Your Bee stitch is looking wonderful... and WOW!! for your pretty Maid Monthlies.. I have been watching them come out and I can honestly say they are delightful, really pretty and look OH so wonderful finished too.
    Lol.. Daisy is cute! Wonderful to just drive through the country side, we should do more of that its so relaxing. Your drive looks lovely, very picturesque.
    Ooh selfies!! Awe.. you both look so happy, and you look really well too.
    Wonderful post!
    Thank you
    Smiles :)

  2. Great post, I really enjoyed it and I am sure that Cath loved her gorgeous gifts! And I do have a question, is it too late to join your Mystery Halloween SAL?
    hugs, Kaye

  3. P.S. I meant to say, gorgeous stitching and finishing and I loved the drive through the Iris countryside.

  4. Both exchange packages are gorgeous and a real treat. I love the stitched piece that you made into a lod cover for the container. It's looking great and such a container is so useful for threads and bobbins and all the other things that you need for stitching a project. Great idea.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures from your day out with Daisy.

  5. A lovely post Gaynor.
    What a wonderful exchange, always the best option to come clean and be honest.....what you came up with for Cath was gorgeous and very inventive.
    Daisy looks a real treasure, looks like a fun time had by you all.
    love and {hugs} x

  6. What a delightful post Gaynor :)
    I love the swap goodies and it was so nice of you to come clean. In the end, you both made lovely pieces. Glad you had a lovely day out with your fabulous car... and cookies :P xox

  7. Oh that exchange turned out so wonderfully.
    What an awesome car you have. I looked at the first picture of you and your husband for a bit. I truly like this picture of you two a lot. :)

  8. Lovely post, & beautiful photos of you & your DH : )

  9. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    beautiful post and great photos.
    hugs x

  10. Yes, you really should stick to 'normal' work hours, for the sake of your sanity at least! Great exchanges! Your Minor car looks like the one my grandpa had when I was a little kid... tho it was not the same...and had wood on the sides. But a good reminder of good times! Hugs!

  11. I enjoyed reading your posts
    The exchanges were both wonderful and fun
    Daisy is a beauty, the countryside and the couple are also good looking
    Take care

  12. Lovely exchange gifts Gaynor. I love the green box. Great weekend pics.


  13. Lovely car and great pics, looks to have been a wonderful day out and for a good cause too!!
    Your swap is amazing, lucky thing that pillow is gorgeous.

  14. Both exchanges are lovely and I loved seeing the pics of Ireland too!

  15. Great post...a little bit of everything! =) I love the design you stitched for the exchange. I feel like it's not really Christmas until I have baked cookies. =)

    Daisy is lovely and it looks like you had a wonderful trip. Your pictures turned out great for taking them while moving!! If you have a camera that allows you to change the shutter speed to a faster setting, that helps when taking pictures from a moving vehicle. =)

  16. What wonderful exchange packages you both put together! I love that box you put together, might be because it has sweets and chocolates! All 4 of us were spoilt with what we received in this exchange :)

    I'm glad Zara is doing better and if there is ever ANYTHING I can do to help, you only need to ask.


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